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  1. Hello Flagstaff RN's

    Thanks for your responses! I have been in med/surg/tele for close to a decade. Looking forward to finding a good fit at FMC. A good group of hospitalists seems to be a major perk. Is it really a teaching hospital - or does it just have a handful ...
  2. Hello Flagstaff RN's

    I'm new to Northern Arizona & was having trouble finding recent info on Flagstaff Medical Center. There sure are a lot of negative reviews on this place, but I love this town so I really want to give it an honest try. Can anyone tell me what th...
  3. Another GI bleeder scenario...

    I reviewed some previous posts on the topic, so please don't think I'm trying to beat a dead horse. I had a slightly different variation of the usual bleeder: 82/M with CC: knee pain, on tele for newly Dx'd a-fib. No known hx of liver prob's/GI ble...
  4. Anybody know what's up w/ Queens?

    Thanks to all that have given their input. I've finally achieved a coveted position in this fine institution, it only took months of research, phone calls and a dozen or so applications. I have to say I'm very impressed w/ the bennies pkg and I owe...
  5. Do you carry liability insurance?

    Does anybody know if any of these liability ins. co's are better than the other? I'm in need of signing up asap, mainly because the ginormous healthcare entity under which I'm employed would drop me without any second thought if a case was brought a...
  6. Any Regrets?

    No real regrets on choosing nursing (a 2nd career and 7th decided major in college), but I am questioning my following of the traditional idea of "getting your med-surg first." I've only been working as an RN for 5 mo's on an insanely busy surgical ...
  7. Hi, I'm trying to weigh my options between the following prospective employers: Washington Hospital Center Georgetown University Hospital George Washington University Hospital Sibley Memorial Hospital INOVA Fairfax Hospital I currently live in No. VA...
  8. New grad critical care

    Traffic here is hellacious... I lie in Fairfax, VA - right outside of D.C. and the traffic gets worse every year.
  9. Georgetown University Hospital

    I am - for sure! See you there... Does anyone know how much $ they're starting new grads at (in med/surg or icu)?
  10. BSN's vs. Community college

    I'm a BSN student graduating in 5 months, and have a good friend who just graduated from a comm. college 6 months ago: he was hired in the ER with start base-pay of 54k + bennies, the same that BSN students are being hired at. He has already been ac...
  11. ER or ICU for the New Grad

    I know that the OP requested seasoned nurses to respond - but this is the same exact issue that has my mind all tangled. I have worked as a clin tech in a small ICU since July, and just finished a 250hr preceptorship in the ED. I definitely respect...