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royr has 2 years experience and specializes in school nursing.

Injured on the job as a school nurse - years of neck and spinal cord surgery and Physical therapy. I am now trying to re enter nursing as a disabled individual - with no luck. Have been working as a full time quality control manager outside of nursing - while I try to find my place.

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  1. I was enjoying my retirement in sunny Carolina Beach NC. My Daughter brought my attention to a little girl at the bottom of the swimming pool. With the limited skills I possessed at the time from the red cross cpr training I had taken almost 30 years earlier I was able thanks to God to give a young mother a live child. I had an apithany - if I cold help out knowing next to nothing, what would I be able to do if I had skills? So - I applied to nursing school and came out of retirement to persue this. I am now a second semester junior in an RN program and loving what I am learning. Who knows - God willing in another year or so, I may yet be a nurse.