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My first major purchase will be....wait for it.......A HOUSE, lol. I know some of you are like "WTH" lol. I am going to work my ass off that first year or so for a down payment. What are you... Read More

  1. by   Thujone
    I won't be buying anything. I'll be working toward my next goal.
  2. by   awarren808
    Quote from Brian Ruff, CNA
    I won't be buying anything. I'll be working toward my next goal.
    I plan to work towards my master degree afterwards.

    C'mon...you're not going to treat yourself to at least one celebratory token!?
  3. by   Thujone
    Hmm, I can't actually think of anything that I really want right now other than to become an R.N. I've always been poor, so maybe the idea of not buying stuff is just what I'm used to, lol. Maybe I'll move out to a nice apartment and decorate it with weird furniture that will probably look bad due to my poor sense of fashion.
  4. by   nursedaddy123
    I bought an iPad 2 that I just recently sold for a Mac Mini. I love Apple!
  5. by   Wifeoffireman
    Quote from TEXXAS
    Im a mommas boy so im gonna buy my momma alot of goodies i wanna make her bedroom a comfortable oasis with a large flat screen tv new comforter sett candles surround sound and just a bunch of nice gifts for her always being there for me and encouraging me she is wonderful strong and independent and took care of me and my sister in a single parent home and is actually an r.n. Her self so im following in moms foot steps....lol well any yuh thats what im gonna do when i become an r.n.
    I'm a female pre nursing student, but when i read this i got teary eyed! I think that's just great! How unselfish of you. This reminds me off all the things my son did for me when he first joined the Army and got his first bonus check! I was so touched. God bless!!
  6. by   HotSoup
  7. by   IdianaCNA1993
    Well Im not going to have to worry about student loans 'cause Im going to work my way through school. And any loans I take out Im putting into the bank until I really need to use it and whats left over Im going to pay back so I will have less to pay on the principal or what ever (catch my drift). But I think for my first year as an RN Im going to work as much as I can and only shell out money for gas, car repairs, and to have a little fun. then with what I have saved Im going to buy a nice old home that dont need no repairs, a cadillac or a jeep gran cherokee, and then Im going to decorate each room in my dream home by a different theme. And paint the rooms the way I want to. then Im going to pay off my home and go back to school for my bachlors degree.
  8. by   CharlieT
    An airplane

    I have put up with so much crap in nursing school that I deserve it.
  9. by   erklurwedklu
    Quote from georgieg
    ok i need some input. pleasse i had orientation to nursing program last week so friday i .do my pee drug test... i am worried because i have a rx for morph from pcp for when i cant stand the pain! i dont take it everyday so my question is will this show up on drug test and even though i have a letter from pcp saying this is one of my meds for emergencies? will they permit me to stay in program?
    As long as you have a legit reason for taking it, a script, and do not work impaired I can't see why there would be a problem. Those are the guidelines used by the TX board of nursing. School may be different, I suggest you be up -front with them and let them know you took "pain medicine" on what date.
  10. by   ddmad
    I'm entering nursing school debt free (I start in a month) so I assume when I'm done I'll be buying my freedom from any loans I might have to take...
  11. by   prettymica
    I cant really say I bought it but I paid my tuition for RN prereqs.. I was going to buy a car, I didn't buy it but I got one(I have awesome parents!!). Also I always wanted a louis vuittion bag. I finally bought it last year on while I was on a much needed vacation. Once I finish RN school I want to buy a home too(I talked my parents out of buying me one last year) !
  12. by   ARCTX85
    Same here, bro. I'd like a house too. I currently live in a row home right by Johns Hopkins, one of the shadier areas of Baltimore. It'll be nice to have a yard again. I'm from the south originally and Lord knows I miss mowing grass.
  13. by   Altara
    a drink!