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  1. Thujone

    LPN Doctor Office Pay

    I live in North Carolina, but I'm wondering what LPNs get paid in doctor's offices in NC and surrounding states. I'm referring to LPNs with about 2 years experience and also new graduates.
  2. Absolutely not!! I have dated a nurse that I work with and although everything was good for about 3 to 4 months, after that we had a break-up, long story short, I started dating her literally right after she stopped dating (and living with) a guy she had been with for the past 5 years, and thus leads me to believe that she just wasn't ready for another relationship at the time. After that, I had to see her everyday at work, and we did not even talk to each other. She sent me a message on FB saying that someone had made a profile (that had my home city on it) calling her a whore, and she thought it was me, and I had to fight to make her understand it wasn't me who had done this (was either her ex-bf, a co-worker, or her IMO). Eventually, we did get to the point where we can kind of talk to each other. Luckily, I am returning to school and will only be there on the weekends, so I don't have to feel so uncomfortable while being at work. On the flip side, there was some women who took my side, and some who didn't, and the entire office was talking about it. Overall, a very bad experience. I'm not saying it's impossible for things to work out, but make sure she doesn't work in the same building that you work in.
  3. Thujone

    Wrong vaccine...sort of

    Thanks for your help. I'm new to vaccinating. I opened up the wrong fridge (we have a state frdige and a private fridge for vaccines), and grabbed them out. It was the correct vaccine, so the child is protected, but obviously, I want to watch out for my office too.
  4. Thujone

    Wrong vaccine...sort of

    Today I had a patient come in and had to give them HPV #1 and Menactra. Well I did give them the correct vaccines, but I gave them the state vaccine and they have privatw insurance. Has anyone ever done this beforw? What should I do about it?
  5. Thujone

    Male LPN Marketability

    So are you saying the chances of being employeed are slim? I realize that it would best in the long-run to get my RN first, but that's not an option financially right now.
  6. Thujone

    Male LPN Marketability

    Hello, I have a question in regard to male nurse, more speficially LPN's marketability. I just (five months ago) completed an associates degree in medical assiting, and I am certified as well. However, after graduation I have not been able to find employment. Now most of the jobs here are all offered through one organization (Caromont) that owns nearly all the physician's offices. All of my class-mates found jobs, but I haven't, I was interviewed by Caromont, but was never phoned back. I honestly think it comes down to male marketability and the old fashioned way of how a male is seen in the work place, I could be wrong, but I was the only male student in my class and I am also unemployeed and infact have never seen a male CMA. Now, the reason I am bringing this here is becaue I am considering going to LPN school. However, I don't want a repeat experience. I'd like to find a job as an LPN quicly after graduation. I need some perspective here from people who have completed LPN school and what their experience of being employeed was after graduation, and how they feel they are treated once hired. I live in North Carolina if geographical information is relevant to this. Thanks, Thujone.
  7. Thujone

    Just found out my partner's dad is a DNR

    So have you called your partner's sister yet? The way I see it you could just leave it alone and when he dies and the EMS services or you try to resuscitate him and it fails... that won't create any problems, but if he lives you may be in big **** with your partner's sister, but in theory, you will be safe because there was no DNR present. OR. You could simply request the DNR and if she complies to logic then she will hand one over, but if she refuses then all you should do is talk to the actual person dying and ask them what they want done. On a side note, you don't have to be a nuclear family to be a family. Every nursing essentials book and psychology book will have a small section describing the different types of family. Granted I don't think this specific situation is covered in any of them. However, it's a common ethical/moral rule that you don't have to be blood to be family (perhaps legally you do, but that's not relevant in this situation.) In fact, most blood relatives are a pain in the ass, but these rare individuals that come in with no _______ (drawing a blank here because the family members are likely genetically different to their siblings and parents as the OP is to his partner, and if one goes off of blood type, well that's just silly.)
  8. Thujone

    Just found out my partner's dad is a DNR

    Is she a big case of crazy? If so, the best advice I can give is to fully explain why you want it, and then get into the intricate details to prevent an irrational response.
  9. Thujone

    I didn't pass the TEAS V..

    Why does this mean you have to do computer science? Also, why do you view computer science in such a negative way? I would advise you to review the TEAS V manual in the areas that you scored poorly in and study very hard and at least try once more. At least give yourself three strikes, one to screw up on, one to improve on, and one to master.
  10. Thujone

    How do you check a pulse? Nope I'm not a student

    I take their pulse based on how the patients arm is currently lying or the way they hand their wrist to me.
  11. Thujone

    Any males out there tired of the drama?

    Nope, I actually care about my education, so I spend ample amount of time studying and worrying about my scores as the next perfectionist.
  12. Thujone

    How is A&P 2 different from A&P1?

    Do the blunt of the work at the beginning of each chapter. Create a list of questions from the study guides and book that you bought, and then answer them once a day afterwards.
  13. Thujone

    Scam Schools And Diploma Mills

    Why is there not a law making these schools illegal?
  14. Thujone

    CNA vs Medical Assistant

    @JohnBRN DPH: Medical Assistant Information
  15. Most nursing schools require an overall GPA of 3.0 to apply, and your pre-requisite nursing GPA typically needs to be around 3.3-4.0 (preferably as close to 4.0 as possible, especially with a rough start.) That said, admission committees recognize when one makes dramatic improvements in their grades and they do like this.
  16. overweight patients do tend to be non-compliant with some physician orders. if they complied with an order like "exercise 5 days a week and eat this diet" then they would most likely lose weight. however, i do think that most people, whether they are overweight or not do comply with taking medications. most people in america view overweight and obese people as unattractive, not just in the health care setting, the cause of this is out of the hands of us healthcare workers, and more up to the zeitgeist of the time which, in today's time, is highly influenced by the media. the awkwardness of someone is totally subjective. many people say that physicians are some of the most socially awkward people out there, so what right do they have judging that trait in others? in the end though, it is common courtesy to not say offensive things like that. you can think it all you want, but when you speak it out loud, you run risk of not only offending someone, but also lowering their self-esteem which may cause some people to eat excessively and put on even more weight!

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