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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   chris85
    Hey ya'll I'm a third semester student at Hinds Community College A.D.N RN program in Jackson, Mississippi. I'm 20 years old and ready to get done and get out. I'm so sick of studying, but I love that I chose to become a nurse. I plan to get my CRNA one day, or RN-first assistant. What about ya'll? Anyway i just found this site like 2 days ago and its nice to see that people in other programs are having the same troubles as me. Everyone keep up the good work and good luck, and hopefully it will come to end even though it seems like it's taking forever to graduate.
  2. by   FunMeds
    sup fellas?

    i'm a second year nursing student (part-time) in south florida... i'd say about half-way through my program. my class is roughly about 10:1 females. i'm doing peds now but start OB in a couple of weeks. any brotherly advice out there from those of you who have gone through OB?

    see ya 'round,
  3. by   HYPEractiveTTU
    ARRRGHHH ARRGHHHH (thats my tim the toolman grunt)!!! How are you gentlemen?!!? I think it's great seeing so many guys breaking stereotypes and gender roles and joining this awesome profession!!! It really does take a special person (let alone man) to do this...

    So... has anyone heard the barrage of "hey Focker!!" jokes? Though seen as a put down, I think it glorifed the role of males in nursing, and I commend Ben Stiller for doing that role!!

    Good luck gentlemen!!!

    ps. <--someone design a guy nursing icon!!
  4. by   fethahed
    sup bro's, i attend a small private college known for its BSN program and I got orientation this week..i'm usually the only guy in the class but I like it
  5. by   lector
    hi Pals!

    Its nice to know that there are lots of male student nurses taking nursing...well i one of few bunch.......

    junior student nurse!:smiley_ab :smiley_ab :smiley_ab
  6. by   Thunderwolf
    ps. <--someone design a guy nursing icon!!
    A member submitted these to me not too long ago.

  7. by   edchunt
    Im a guy who is currently an LPN in RN school I think we have abot six ment out of 64 students now.
  8. by   amgo24
    sooo...hey all you fockers out there! i am not a guy..but rather a girl...and i am graduating in about...oh...65 days or something like that. a class of 44 we have two guys and all of us ladies absolutely love them! so...keep up the good work and we will continue to recruit more guys so maybe then there can be a respectable profession where it is 50/50.

    and if there are any cute, single students or graduates who are over the age of 26 and live in our around CT....let me know! maybe we can talk nclex or something. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! and i hope no one minds a girl posting here! NIGHT!
  9. by   agent
    Thanks for the words of encouragement annie.

    I am welcoming myself back... been gone for awhile.
  10. by   bigmike
    Another guy here. About to start the Accelerated BSN program in a few weeks at Metro St. in Denver. Just wondering if any other guys (or ladies) will be starting Metro in April
  11. by   golf4fun
    Hey, us older guys want to part of the club also. The ones in school who say that they have 6, 9, 10 guys in their class should be ecstatic. When I was in school, there were 40 students and 2 guys and he dropped out after a year. Being the only guy had its ups and downs but it would have been nice to have a "dude" to hand with.
  12. by   vamedic4
    Quote from Medic 26460
    We have to stick together in an estrogen world... glad to see that there are more than 3 guys on here!!!

    Mornin' all...another medic crossing over to the "dark side", as a colleague put it...RN in '07.
  13. by   fluffhead
    Hi all youz guyz!

    I'll be heading to NYC and Columbia after nearly 20 years in California - I'm in the ETP/BSN>NP program and saw about a dozen males out of 120 students at "visit day" - psyched to change direction and get into health care. Anybody else in Manhattan on this board, lemme know! I could use some tips on living arrangements and all that.