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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   Bigpeachy
    One more guy joining the thread. I was a banker for about 15 years. Going for the second career. My wife is an RN. I start my RN program here in Virginia in January. Just finishing up Microbiology then the pre-reqs are done. It is really weird being in class with 20 something girls. Fun to look at but kind of lacking in the maturity dept. I am concerned about no other males being in my program. I think we have 36 spots and I have never seen a male in any of the nursing testing or meetings as of yet. This is going to be 2 years of the same people going to class and studying. Im sure it will be fine, but I wish some fellas were in my class so I can have a study buddy thats not even an issue for my wife.
  2. by   theykallmekem
    im another guy nurse student also known as "Murse". lol. guys make great nurses cause we are much stronger (physically) for those tough patient situations.
  3. by   dingoatemebaby
    another fellow XY joining the cause, start at Curry College, MA in January for accelerated BSN!!!
  4. by   McFly85
    Here's another! Just finished my BScN in Toronto. There's a lot more just graduating too!
  5. by   Pokytrokyt
    Quote from McFly85
    Here's another! Just finished my BScN in Toronto. There's a lot more just graduating too!
    I'm not familiar with Canadian degrees. What's a BScN?

    Also, I hear a lot of Canadian nurses choose to work in the States. Do those folks have to take our NCLEX, or is there a Canadian version that's accepted here?

    Thanks and congrats!
  6. by   McFly85
    BScN = Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    I hear there's a few nurses that decide to move down to the U.S. Pay is a bit better, and some hospitals pay for airfare and accommodations for a certain period of time. As well, there may be incentives such as relocation money.
    As far as I know, Canadian nurses must take the NCLEX. The only exception I've heard of is if you're working in Texas. The Canadian license is transferable to that state only.
  7. by   Pokytrokyt
    Sort of off topic, but I was wondering if Canada has a nursing shortage, too? I'm thinking about travel nursing once I'm done with my BSN. It would be nice if US travel nurses could work in Canada, too.
  8. by   Mr I Care
    I am a male student and proud to become a nurse. I start ADN program in Jan10. We should title this forum the resurgence of male nurses.
  9. by   PeaceKeepr
    One of the few in my program. Just finished my 1st semester of my ADN. When the semester started we had approx. 110 students, of which there were about 10 or 12 guys...At the final we were down to about 50-60 students and maybe 6-8 guys...

    6 classes and counting!
  10. by   bonestAx
    Yea we're out there. I looked at something the other day that said that 85 percent of nurses are women. but more and more guys are getting into it. out of my class that started with 90 about 15 guys where there. So you shouldn't be alone.
  11. by   leonidasrex
    I am new. Just bought my $1000 worth of books this morning and picked up my uniforms. I am 37 years old, married with 3 children.

    Looking forward to the career change and being here on the forum!
  12. by   redbull68w
    I think you can see from the number of responses that there are plenty of us out here. I just graduated in December fro an ADN program. Will start in the CCU (critical care unit) at a local hospital as soon as I take the NCLEX.

    I was also a non traditional student. I'm 38 with a wife and 2 kids and a job plus National Guard duty which by the way is not one weekend a month/two weeks in the summer! But I love it!!
  13. by   xpozure21
    Sure but we're the minority. I'm a nursing student in my 3rd yr BSN at WCU in MS and we have 5 males of about 25. I love been around smart women so its kinda fun for me. The upside for me is when I get unfocused they're motherly reflexes get me be back in focus.