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josh1974 is a LPN and specializes in LTC/Subacute.

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  1. josh1974

    A Kind Word

    I've only been an LPN for 11 months now and am happy with my choice. I was a grunt in the Marines and then a social worker for 7+ years before I went to nursing school. I was 34 when I graduated and went straight into an ltc job right after nclex. I've had to put up a little with the stereotypes, usually an old guy askin me why Im a nurse, and I tell em cause thats where the women are! But my favorite is that a lot of my residents think I'm an MD! I can get things done. Haha. If thats what you wanna do and cant get it outta your head, then do it! Good Luck with whatever you decide. Semper Fi!
  2. josh1974

    Nursing Supervisor Takes a Holiday

    Wow, when I began to read this post I was expecting a rant. How not so! This is one of the most positive posts and threads I've ever seen on here! So awesome! Thanks!
  3. josh1974

    Even the media doesn't consider us "nurses"?!

    We know we are nurses! it grates me at times too, but whatever!
  4. josh1974

    Vent about work

    I believe I may be the OP!? LOL! Sounds just like my facility! we were low on census so they started taking whatever they could get. My hall has the most pts, as always, just got a new one today. I havent been this stressed for awhile. Acuity goes up and staff gets cut. Good game plan. I feel for ya original OP! :)
  5. josh1974

    LVN not a "real nurse" .... how to handle that?

    Ask MY residents if Im a real nurse! We L's (in LTC) do everything an R does except iv push lasix and dc piccs. And responsibility? Im charge for 3 halls. Been a nurse for about 8 1/2 months. I have an L with years more experience and a new RN that I, ME, am in charge of. Yeah, we are "real nurses". Don't let anyone ever say different.
  6. josh1974

    Is it true LPN's are being phased out?

    Have a friend in Colorado with her ASN and is working at a dr office cause the hospitals in her area only hire BSN's! I resigned from my CNA job and got my LPN job the same day.
  7. josh1974

    Ok, Fine... no Ivy Tech... Love of nursing!

    Semper Fi corpsman!
  8. josh1974

    Oh MY GOD!!! I WANT TO WORK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WooHoo! lets go! LOL!
  9. If you cant handle stress, look elsewhere.
  10. josh1974

    Oh MY GOD!!! I WANT TO WORK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm with ya!
  11. josh1974

    Going from plumbing to nursing

    Dude, I did plumbing/hvac for a bit. I was in the Marine Corps for six years (infantry), was a farmer growing up, did a carpentry apprenticeship, got a BA in behavioral and social science and then became a nurse. No regrets here. We need more guys in the profession, cause being the only male nurse at my facility makes me the target of every single nurse, cna, 95 year old dementia lady, etc. LOL! Good luck.
  12. josh1974

    Be My Friend at the End

    That's what we do.
  13. josh1974

    Hey John!

    This made a rather crappy shift a little lighter. I was just finishing up my last med pass before my shift was over last night. All of a sudden I hear, in a loud old man voice, "hey John!" my names Josh. My ole buddy Charles is about 60 feet away in his WC staring at me. Charles is a WW2 vet and cantankerous as can be. We get along great since I was in the Marine Corps. So, I start walking over to him and there he is in the hall, brief in hand and sweatpants pulled down to his knees. I ask him what he needs and he holds up the brief and with a big old smile says "I cant figure this darn thing out"! He reminds me of Yoda and he's always pulling off his brief and colostomy bag. I ask him what happened and he says "darn diaper just fell off!" Took him to his room and re briefed him and he was happy as could be. I left work still chuckling.
  14. josh1974

    Opinions: Best scrubs?

    Landau cargo pants and Landua unisex shirt. just wish they were a bit cheaper!
  15. I'm an LPN. Can't say I love my managment, who does?, but I really enjoy the staff and my patients. I work a subacute unit in a nursing home/ rehab facility. Some of the positives of my job would be 4+ months into being a nurse and I'm charge nurse of 16 patients, 6 of which have g tubes, 8 trachs and 5 on vents. Talk about gettin experience fast! I love when a pt or family member tells me they appreciate me or that I'm a good nurse. I like being able to talk with the docs and actually have them listen to me and even agree with me! lol. Job security is a wonderful thing also. As an LPN in a facility I do about the same things an RN would, actually have one that works the shift after me. As with most things in my life I like to start from the base and move up. I was a cna, now an LPN and plan to get my R in a reasonably short time from now. I think all nurses should go that path but thats my opinion. And I ramble a bit also. lol. Good luck to you.
  16. josh1974

    What are the pros and cons of being all male nurse

    Haha, I was single for about 5 years until I became a nurse. Bout 2 months into my first job that all changed pretty quick! It must be the scrubs!?