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  1. just_cause

    Army or AF?!

    GS Nurse, aka Army Civilian Nurse. Perhaps this is a good compromise.
  2. Hi, I'm hoping to touch basis with someone picked up via LTHET last year in order to message and get some feedback from the process and to some specific questions. Thanks!
  3. Yeah.. I'm 'assuming' some enteral feeds were near by.. now why coffee was being added... is another mystery. Emphasis on student
  4. This is another example of how beneficial tubing / equipment is that helps prevent these types of mistakes~ http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/10/23/nurse-injected-lethal-dose-coffee-and-milk-into-patient-iv-drip/?intcmp=obnetwork An 80-year-old patient in a Rio de Janeiro clinic died after a student nurse accidentally injected coffee into her veins, Medical Daily reported. The nurse, 23-year-old Rejane Moreira Telles, defended her mistake in a television interview, saying "anyone can get confused."Telles had only three days of experience at the clinic before the incident. She accidentally administered an intravenous drip filled with coffee and milk to Palmerina Pires Riberio, who died hours after the fluid was injected in her body.According to Medical Daily, Telles told reporters she knew of the risks before administering the feed. However, she claimed she hadn't been trained in the procedure."As they [the feed and blood drips] were next to each other, anyone can get confused," Telles told Brazilian TV Globo's Fantastico. "I injected the coffee, and I put it in the wrong place."Telles, two nurses and another student have been indicted for manslaughter. Doctors told Globo's Fantastico that through the IV feed, the coffee would have traveled straight to Ribeiro's heart and lungs.Ribeiro's daughter, Loreni Ribeiro, said she witnessed the incident."I saw my mother was agitated, she opened her mouth, and this youngster put coffee with milk into the veins of my mother. Half a glass," Loreni said Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/10/23/nurse-injected-lethal-dose-coffee-and-milk-into-patient-iv-drip/?intcmp=obnetwork#ixzz2AuEalFfZ
  5. just_cause

    Allowing Corpsman to Become Nurses

    The role of combat medic and nurse are completely different role, skill set, scope, etc. The Army combat medic can apply to attend a 1-year long school to gain a skill identifier M6 where they then can get licensure to work as an LPN in military hospital setting. If you get out as a combat medic then you have a great application and the GI Bill where you can attend school to become a nurse if that is what you seek, or have a great foundation for PA application. I'm sorry how was corpsman pronounced this time? :)
  6. When were you expecting to start? At what point were you planning to be within ht/wt and minimal PT standards? no to much sympathy here :) That being said - Go bust your butt. Get stronger, drop some weight and good luck. Sounds like some upfront stress.. but you did great to get in and we wish you the best as you start off!!
  7. just_cause

    Military nursing.. Need advice/info!!

    OP military is very competitive in recruiting of RN's right now. Retention is high, supported by recent years of over recruiting based on recent history of what was a higher turnover... they already have baseline streams of RN's from ROTC and have a lot of applicants. Take some time to browse around here as there are a lot of people doing years of prep and very familiar with the military. Also your recruiter cannot 'def' state you would deploy.. there is not guarantee to deploy in fact many people would love to deploy as an RN but opportunities are not readily available. Like previous poster stated you should take it more seriously then a standard job as it impacts your life and your families life far more and to be successful requires a deeper understanding and commitment to the military lifestyle.
  8. just_cause

    Army Nurse Corps FY2013

    I like chudder's suggestion as well.
  9. I am trying to reach out for some general recommendations / guidance on the GCSP. The contract states to submit preference no earlier then 6mo, no later then 12mo from start of active duty. After submission does anyone know how the feedback on your course works? Did it seem as a priority for you to be placed or was it just received and you never saw action or what? Thanks! please reply or PM - either would be appreciated!
  10. Very interesting. Great post. Hope to hear more about this-
  11. just_cause

    Looking for Army FNP POC/mentor

    Hi, I was looking for an FNP in the Army that wouldn't mind providing themselves as a quick resource to some questions I have. I'm looking for some general advice and a contact outside of my chain of command structure that wouldn't mind answer a few questions, please reply or message me if willing to do so. Thanks! God Bless Our Soldiers.
  12. just_cause

    Army Nurse Corps for New Grad RN

    I wonder what a person had in mind when accumulating 100k in loans to get a BSN. I'm sure its a touching subject to that individual but I can't help but wonder what drove a person to do that thinking it was the best decision and now in a bind looks to the military as a parachute out.
  13. just_cause

    Army Nursing

    in addition to what Jeckrn said.. as of now accession boards are annual (Nov) meaning you need to start now (or even in Apr/May) to be ready for that board.. and then expecting to leave anywhere from several to 6 months after that board convenes. I'd also look into Psyc NP programs available active / reserve and national guard that could allow you to 'join' and with the acceptance of grad school.. you more or less have the job of going to school, you get paid, given certain tuition reimbursement, and then serve as a psych NP upon graduation... that is another option.
  14. just_cause

    Navy Hospital Corpsman to RN ???

    I think the OPs idea of doing reserves in conjunction with pre-reqs is a great way to create a successful path towards either BSN or PA.
  15. just_cause

    army RN - deployment

    my personal opinion is in general your best way to get deployed is to be in a unit that is slated to deploy and that is where you go. choice is not as important. there are sometimes opportunities to volunteer but this sometimes sync with times of movement like after attending captains course, or working with branch manager to schedule next station etc. I don't have any other info to offer on this.. is your unit deploying? Have you talked to your S1? Do you know your future personal timeline? CIF / TA50.. there is not a set location of all gear.. gear that goes along is based on the mission.. for the basics I'd talk to your NCOIC and just ask for some recommendations. Hope that helps a bit. best of luck to you...
  16. just_cause

    army RN - deployment

    active / reserves? are you in a unit or in TRADOC or? Do you have previous experience as a nurse?