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  1. Semi-informed question about military nursing...

    I don't believe OCS branches to nurse corp. nurse corp requires BSN. In addition OCS branch assignment is needs of the Army. Already looks like you have come to a decision but just FYI.
  2. Army or AF?!

    GS Nurse, aka Army Civilian Nurse. Perhaps this is a good compromise.
  3. New Army Nurse Corps officers: First Things First!

    The board does not view or have the option of viewing the actual PT score or weapons qualification score.
  4. Rank Questions

    My personal opinion is going in as an O2 has some benefits.. it allows you to get acclimated to the military environment, job billets geared towards clinical positions etc. If you go in as an O3 your chain of command, subordinates etc will see an O3 ...
  5. Rank Questions

    keep in mind regardless of constructive credit you need one year active duty before being eligible to submit for a board. so if you came in as a 1LT based on 40m constructive you'd still need 1 year active duty time before the next scheduled CPTS boa...
  6. Women in Combat Arm's Units

    I agree, lets make it fair. I'm from a combat arms background as well. First thing is to update the selective service act so it is mandatory for all females 18-30 to register and also eliminate that gender barrier. Then we can re-evaluate the public ...
  7. Women in Combat Arm's Units

    / /
  8. Med-Surg certification exam

    from my understanding critical care shows 18mo med surg exp required prior to course start.
  9. Med-Surg certification exam

    I'm on a med surg floor. Our section sponsors staff to go through the med surg prep course (funded by local unit) and then I will follow through to take the cert test. (at this time I'm not sure how funding works but happy to pay on my own). I've kn...
  10. Hi, I'm hoping to touch basis with someone picked up via LTHET last year in order to message and get some feedback from the process and to some specific questions. Thanks!
  11. LPN (or ADN RN) to Corpsman/Medic?

    Jeck, for the OP do you know if he went to basic then ait for combat medic then ait for LPN? Only note I would throw out is to look at the pre-reqs you have and maybe look at pre reqs for enlisted to officer BSN program and / or PA program as that wa...
  12. LPN (or ADN RN) to Corpsman/Medic?

    Combat Medic in the Army - you can enlist in. You will go to basic then the training to become a medic. Medics later on can apply to become an LPN after some additional schooling 52weeks. I know there is a recent MOS change so this is now a seperate ...
  13. Allowing Corpsman to Become Nurses

    The role of combat medic and nurse are completely different role, skill set, scope, etc. The Army combat medic can apply to attend a 1-year long school to gain a skill identifier M6 where they then can get licensure to work as an LPN in military hosp...
  14. When were you expecting to start? At what point were you planning to be within ht/wt and minimal PT standards? no to much sympathy here :) That being said - Go bust your butt. Get stronger, drop some weight and good luck. Sounds like some upfront s...
  15. Military nursing.. Need advice/info!!

    OP military is very competitive in recruiting of RN's right now. Retention is high, supported by recent years of over recruiting based on recent history of what was a higher turnover... they already have baseline streams of RN's from ROTC and have a ...