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  1. LVN getting my BS in Health Informatics

    hehe its ok. here just email me then. take care.
  2. LVN getting my BS in Health Informatics

    Hi QueenBee! Wow finally great to meet someone going to the same school! Yeah I'll be glad to share information with you. PM me so we can exchange contact info. so we can chat online. I assume you have a wealth of information. Hope to hear from you s...
  3. I am sad at the same time yet happy @ least I know why I struggled so much in school, ESPECIALLY LVN school. Now I am struggling more then ever trying to pass the NCLEX. I took the KAPLAN review class, study everyday, and follow all the advice I've b...
  4. I failed my LVN boards. Gotta try again.

    thanks for the positive words otter. Luckily I work for a Laboratory/Radiology company that services 90% of the nursing facilities here in southern California as well as San Diego, Northern California, and Arizona and we have a an Infection Control,...
  5. I failed my LVN boards. Gotta try again.

    thanks jocelynb. I actually signed up for Kaplan. $275 plus a $50 enrollment fee with books and materials and 3 months of access to more information is well worth it. plus they have all these free webinars and in person classes you can attend. I atte...
  6. NI salary really 90K

    wow 120k =)
  7. Nursing informatics practicum

    Huntington Hospital and Cedars I are great places
  8. So I start in August 2011 at Western Governors University. I actually found out about the school here because they offer a BSN and license for RN. I wanted to do nursing informatics but I found out I could go this route too. Plus they are taking my c...
  9. So I took my boards and failed. Really depressed right now but I know I gotta try again. In the meantime does any one recommend any jobs I should be taking while I wait to take my boards again. I need some income but at the same time I want to keep m...
  10. Pasadena City College LVN-RN program...just accepted

    i am still taking prereqs at pcc to get into the rn program. i am an lvn as well TRYING to get in there. Congrats DarlingRose. I'll kit to see how you are doing.
  11. lvn los angeles school nurse

    nope I just want to get my foot in the door. even if it is just assisting the school RN I would gladly take the job
  12. ISU FAQ thread

    how much is this program all together? anyone?
  13. Online LVN to Rn

    how much is excelsior all together with no preqs?
  14. Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    i am a new grad with my new license looking at either Shepard College or Indiana State but I am sketchy about Indiana
  15. seriously is anyone on here a graduate or a current student of this school? b/c I have not heard one thing about this place from past or present students