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I told my family that I want to be a nurse and my brother laughed and dissed at me.... Read More

  1. by   Rionoir
    News flash: guys make fun of each other for all kinds of ****. Buckle up buttercup :P
  2. by   aquakenn
  3. by   aquakenn
    I get nothing but respect and support (at least in front of my face).
  4. by   BassCatchingNurse
    There will always be small minded people. It tells you about their character..not yours.
    CARING...has no gender. Also, we have a degree in Science not in "being a lady."

    Should that small minded person become my patient, he/she will see me first hand
    apply my evidence based science degree in order to care for them and keep them alive!!
    They might find a new appreciation for men in nursing, or they might remain small minded.
    Again, it shows their character.

    The truth is...some jobs are either physically draining or mentally draining. Nursing is physically,
    mentally, and emotionally draining. Only the strong survive and work as nurses!!!!
  5. by   FCRedWolves
    Oh man, dude get used to it. I've been asked if I was gay because I do nursing, I've been laughed at for it. I've been told I'm brave for going into a female-dominated field and defying stereotypes, which I think is equally ridiculous. I think most guys who become nurses tend not to think about what other people think about it. I think you should inherit the same mindset. Follow what makes you happy man, people are going to criticize your life no matter what, you might as well enjoy it.
  6. by   JerryDdot
    do what you have to do to get over it. I have a couple friends that make fun of me every now and then, but we do an important job. One calls me a buttwiper and teases me about giving bed baths, but for the people we do that for, it's pretty important for them while they cant do it for themselves. that's where I try to keep my focus.
  7. by   thebird36
    I start nursing school in the Fall this year, I work for an Ophthalmology/Optometry practice as an assistant. I have patients tell me I should be a nurse because I have good personality working around people in a healthcare setting. I've had nothing but support from friends, family, and strangers. If they don't like it and make fun of me oh well, never asked everyone to be nice, only the ones who matter to me.
  8. by   spacemonkey15
    When I strike up conversations with people and they ask what I do for a living, they sometimes get surprised, but the general response I get is one of respect for what I do.
  9. by   Medic_Murse
    Quote from Big_Mike
    I told my family that I want to be a nurse and my brother laughed and dissed at me.
    He "dissed" you? Tell him the 80's called and want their term back.
  10. by   tinsleyjf
    Let me preface my comment with the fact that I spent a decade in the Marines with a couple few trips to the sandbox.

    My friends are all veterans and military...

    No one laughs when I tell them I'm changing careers to become a nurse. Because there are more than a couple of us who would be missing limbs or lives without good medical care in the form of Corpsmen, Nurses, and Doctors.