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spacemonkey15 has 11 years experience and specializes in Critical care.

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  1. spacemonkey15

    New-ish US RN trying to find a job in Manchester UK

    ODP is an HCPC registered profession, how will the OP convince the trust they're qualified for this role?
  2. spacemonkey15

    Band 6 Interview

    I presume this is for a practice development post? If so, it would be wise to look at this from the aspect of an educator. Think about where you've been involved in change before and consider how you would support it as an educator. How would you be ...
  3. spacemonkey15

    Checking in

    We’ve coped so far, the surge we had wasn’t as bad as expected and while we were stretched at points we’ve got through it. It has calmed down an awful lot, but I do wonder what’s going to happen next. I've heard from a number of friends across ...
  4. spacemonkey15

    Career advice

    If you’re after a change of scenery then itu will do it for you, however, getting into senior positions in critical care means sticking it out for the long haul, if you’re after climbing the ladder into management as a long term goal it may be worthw...
  5. spacemonkey15

    Stethoscope, trainee ANP job

    Littmann classic 3 is what I have and am happy with.
  6. spacemonkey15

    ITU Nurse wanting to specialise in palliative care

    I echo what others have said here. I’ve had colleagues from itu who’ve wanted to move into palliative care and they’ve often gone into hospice nursing first to gain experience to apply for more specialised roles.
  7. spacemonkey15

    ODP to nurse

    As far as I'm aware, a conversion doesn't exist, but you might be able to APEL some of your previous content from your ODP course (will depend on individual uni regs on this). Another option, if you have a degree already, might be the accelerated pos...
  8. spacemonkey15

    Qualified for 7 years but no ward experience

    I can't really add much to what's already been said, apart from the mixing ABX thing: Medusa is your friend.
  9. spacemonkey15

    Future of EU nurses after Brexit

    Tbh, our government is using the Blackadder doctrine when it comes to the absolute car crash that is Brexit "Don't worry chaps, nothing can go wrong, because I don't have a plan!"
  10. spacemonkey15

    Something Old, Something New

    They will be aware of what experience you have from your application, so there's no harm in asking about the support you may need when starting. There should be some sort of practice development team who will be able to support you with your needs. Y...
  11. spacemonkey15

    Future of EU nurses after Brexit

    I don't know what Brexit is going to lead us to, whatever it does I doubt it'll be positive tbh. I would suggest sorting out your NMC registration as a matter of priority though, before Brexit makes it more difficult if you're still set on coming...
  12. spacemonkey15

    Worried about the future of ICU nursing

    We're seeing a similar situation this side of the pond in the UK. Skill mix on the unit is becoming increasingly junior, staff turn over is getting higher. Some nurses are using critical care as a short term experience to accelerate their career prog...
  13. spacemonkey15

    Life in UK

    It's all cups of tea, scones with jam and clotted cream, cricket on the village green and being very, very good at queuing up for things. And then maybe some more tea.
  14. spacemonkey15

    Do all nurses have to go into theatre and A&E when training?

    I've bumped into this individual on another forum and they've asked similar questions (though the suction one is a new one). I'm not 100% sure that they dwell under a bridge tbh.
  15. spacemonkey15

    Can registered nurse children level 1 work in adult fields

    The NMCs usual position is that as long as you're working within your own competence then they're ok with it. Have you worked at this home for a while? It might be an idea giving the NMC a call for advice.
  16. spacemonkey15

    Student Nurse ICU Question

    I completely agree with the above comment. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to get ahead by learning some of the complexities of ITU. You'll be an NQ nurse and expectations of you will reflect this. Make the most of your time off, while you...