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  1. aquakenn

    2019-2020 LPN student roll call!

    I start on March 25th (I hope. they keep moving it forward. I am nervous, but I have to remember that I have two bachelor's degrees already, and nursing has been a calling for a very long time and I know my God has opened the doors to make this happen. I am also53, so I will probably be the oldest. But, I have found that the older I get, the more secure of myself I become. It's really true that you don't know anything (about yourself) until you're 40. Then you just keep learning. I think I relieved some of my nerves by writing this, but I am still nervous.
  2. aquakenn

    Will be starting LPN soon and I am a bit lost.

    I'm not sure. I have asked nurses that I work with about LPN programs, they seem to minimize the anatomy aspect. I imagine that there will be some anatomy, but I don't think it'll go deep into detail (such as remembering all th ebones of the foot). I do have an anatomy coloring book, that hopefully will help.
  3. I hope to begin my nursing career soon by completing a 13 month LPN program. I would like insight into what to expect in regards to an LPN program. I have very little biology experience, so what should I concentrate on? cells, systems, anatomy, etc? I am nervous and excited about this!! I am 53 and hope to have my RN by the time I am 56 or 57 (I can't believe I'm this old! I feel like 37). Thank you.
  4. aquakenn

    University of St. Thomas as of Fall 2018

    I am having some anxiety about passing the TEAS exam. I have a study guide and I watch youtube videos on the subject matters. My question - is the TEAS exam harder than the actual LPN course? Thank you.
  5. aquakenn

    15 Minutes in the Life of a Nurse

    I recently left the addictions field. It is very similar as far as documentation is concern. I found myself spending 75% of my time doing documentation and 25% of doing the REAL work. Administrations, States, and insurance companies need to realize that services will help clients/pateint who receive 25% face time, will not be given the excellent care we have all been trained for.
  6. I am diagnosed with generalized anxiety. I take meds for it, but sometimes, especially when I am new to something my hands shake. I am concerned with this because I know that there will come a time when I have to take blood or do an IV. I'm okay after a bit, but I'm not sure how long it'll take. Any tips? Support? Feedback?
  7. aquakenn

    TEAS or DEAT?

    Thank you so much 203bravo
  8. aquakenn

    TEAS or DEAT?

    I have decided to go for an LPN through adult education in my state. There are two schools that I am interested in. I am leaning towards the school that offers a night program. One of the schools requires that you pass the TEAS. The other school requires that you pass the Diagnostic Educational Assessment Test. Most know what the TEAS is. The latter is a test with 12th-grade math and English level components, no science. I have been studying for the TEAS (learning a lot thanks to youtube and "crash course"). The school that does not require the TEAS teaches the exact same material, has the same clinic times, and prepares you for the state exam. This is my question (for those that have been there). Do you think taking the school that only requires the DEAT and offer night classes is as good as the school that requires the TEAS? Thank you. Ken
  9. If you're replying to my post, let me clarify. I am a professional addictions counselor. I was burning out so I asked someone if there was a low-stress job. She told me about being a pca. I did not like the idea. Then I tried it and liked it. During the course, the nurse who taught the course always said to all of us "when you become a nurse..." I had no desire. I just want to be a pca so I would be stress-free. About three months into the job, I got this 'little voice' that kept telling me (more like pushing me) towards nursing. I had been fighting the 'nudge' for months. Then I would ask my friends and co-workers about going into nursing. They all supported me. Two of my friends are RN's and they said that I would make a great nurse (mostly due to my disposition, because I don't know much about actual nursing). I plan to get an HHA in February. Many said that that can help a bit with some nursing stuff. I bought the TEAS study guide and casually look through it (because I'm not sure what will happen). I pray to God that, if he wants me to do this, he needs to make it so. I hope this makes me come across as an intelligent person and not a wannabe nurse.
  10. I don't think it had anything to do with your age. It had everything to do with his inflated ego and low self-esteem. I am still debating about going into an LPN program. If I do, I hope I have an instructor like you. You sound very smart and it seemed like you handled yourself very well with the jerk (did I say that?).
  11. aquakenn

    LPN course, studying, and work

    I love Southern Cal. I am not a morning person at all but when I was there, I woke up with the sun (and stayed up) every day. I definately live on the wrong side of the country. So were you in an LPN course?
  12. aquakenn

    LPN course, studying, and work

    I like that. BTW What state are you from? I live in New York State, which, contrary to popular belief, in mostly forests, mountains, and farm land (even though we're not considereed Mid-West, we are very Mid-Westerny. New York State usually has stricter rules; but if it's just a care plan, I could do it. How much study time did you spend a day? Thanks for your feedback.
  13. aquakenn

    LPN course, studying, and work

    Thank you. Do you have a guess-timate of how much homework there is? 2 hours a day? more, less. I want to work while doing this but it might be too hard for me.
  14. I am in the process of studying for the TEAS and plan to begin The adult-ed LPN course. I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question but is homework even though there are 24 hours of classroom and six hours of clinic time? I currently work as a PCA (I will get my HHA in January) and want to keep some hours. Thank you.
  15. I'm so glad that I found this thread. I am 52 and may begin LPN training in a few months. I wasn't sure if I would be too old to start or not. You validated my decision to move forward. How about if all of us young adults get togther and take the same class together! Wouldn't that be nice.