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Medic_Murse has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-P.

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  1. Medic_Murse

    Profanity in the workplace

    If cussing and foul language offend you, don't come to my unit, we'll make your ears bleed. As if Quitin Tarantino made a film about Nurses.
  2. Medic_Murse this normal?

    I finished school in Feb. I'm in my 40's, divorced, I have two degrees in addition to my nursing degree, and in a bajillion dollars of debt because of said education. Yet, I go through the day with a smile. You need to get a grip on yourself.
  3. Medic_Murse

    Would you call in sick?

    I generally call out four days a week, but always dumbfounded when they respond with, "It'! Stop calling!" I'm just trying to be professional and let them know I won't be in that day!
  4. Medic_Murse


    Continue beating employees until moral improves.
  5. Medic_Murse


    Ah...485, 95, 395, Rte 1, 207, FFX/PWC/GW PKWY's. You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave!
  6. Medic_Murse


    Forgot to quote B!
  7. Medic_Murse

    Is Giving 2 Weeks Notice Ancient Practice?

    I usually peel out donoughts in the parking lot with a middle finger in the air. Then, I'm told to get back inside, by the charge nurse because my lunch break is over.
  8. Probably failed adult health and became a bitter old shrew.
  9. Medic_Murse

    Cared for MRSA patient without PPE

    This is how you get harry palms.
  10. Medic_Murse

    Forgot to restart my patients fluids

    I see you Ashton're not gonna "Punk" me!
  11. Medic_Murse

    Leaving at 6 months in?

    This....a thousand times over. Until a place I work at shows some loyalty, I don't care if you leave at six months or six years. The first ER I worked in was poorly run/managed I left after seven months for another ER position, where I stayed for a...
  12. Medic_Murse

    withholding medications ethical dilemma

    Two sides to every story.
  13. Medic_Murse

    Dispute test question??

    Tackle the patient and put a pillow over their face! "Shhhhhh....go to sleep!"
  14. Medic_Murse

    New Grad wanting a Specialty Switch

    All the hospitals I've worked at have a policy of a minimum of six months (from start date) before you are able to put in for a transfer request.
  15. Medic_Murse

    First clinical. Forgot to document vital signs.

    There's so many plot holes to this movie!