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Don't let others get in the way of you doing what you want to do. There will always be negative sayers no matter what you are or do.

You will be a nurse as an LPN. Next time someone gives you a hard time ask em if they even know what those letters stand for.

Good luck....


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Congrats on your acceptance to nursing school. Yes, LPN's are REAL nurses. I agree with Susy K when she said she didn't know what an LPN did when she applied to nursing school.. When I decided to be a nurse, I had NO IDEA that LPN's even existed. Good luck and welcome!

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I am going into the program as well and can't wait! Don't even let someone else discourage you.



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This brings to mind the old debate over which is better, LPN, Diploma, AD or BSN. When you work on a floor, credentials mean nothing, brains, common sense and intuity mean everything. A good nurse is a good nurse no matter what her/his title.

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As studentOH said, you'll get that attitude no matter what in nursing. When I was an aide, people wanted to know when I was going to be a nurse. When you're an LPN, it's when are you going to be an RN. If you tell them you're getting your RN, people want to know why you aren't going to medical school :chuckle . I've come to the conclusion that some people are idiots and unsatisfied with their lives on the whole, and assume the rest of us must be, too.

Yes, LPN's are nurses :). They have a slightly more limited scope of practice which varies widely from state to state, but they are an invaluable part of the health care team and I have been fortunate to work with many great ones.

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originally posted by esselmulen

this brings to mind the old debate over which is better, lpn, diploma, ad or bsn. when you work on a floor, credentials mean nothing, brains, common sense and intuity mean everything. a good nurse is a good nurse no matter what her/his title.


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While I am an RN myself, I have nothing but the utmost respect for LPN's. Bar none, every single LPN I have worked with personally has been excellent. It is true that duties/scope of practice varies state to state, but can also vary facility to facility. This has not been a major problem anywhere I worked: one hospital I needed to hang blood on LPN's patients or do IV push meds, but they did just about everything else. I work with a nurse now who used to work in long term care who did everything there, even managment. I'm in homecare, and the LPN's do pretty much everything except OASIS. Technically if a visit is for an assessment alone, they are supposed to being doing a task as well, such as reinforcing teaching or doing wound care or changing a foley, what have you....but I tell you, our LPN's work their butts off, and do a fantastic job. I work with one who is on our wound team, and she also is a diabetic specialist too. Talk about a terrific asset. I wish I could clone her!

I really could go on and on. But the gist of it is, YES, LPN's are indeed real nurses, and pretty darn good ones if the ones I've worked with are an example. Follow your dream and don't let those frowns deter you. I once had a patient tell me they didn't want an LPN coming to do their dressing, and I explained the role and training, and that she was on the wound team, etc...and she became a favorite of this patient and his spouse! Sometimes education is all people need! So next time someone questions your career path, you can tell them you will be a real nurse, a caring nurse, and a darn good nurse!!

Good luck!!!!

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I have had only good experiences with LPNS but this seems to come up alot here that some people treat the LPNS differently. I have posted many times LPNs can be a right arm.



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LPNs are cool! :D A good nurse is a good nurse regardless of LPN/RN licensure.

You know, lately I've been encountering the whole lack of knowledge thing about the differences between LPNs & RNs. I don't know why it surprised me, but it did. Hmmmm....


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JustJen, don't even blink an eye. That look you are getting from

people is ignorance, not disappointment. They just simply don't

know any better, poor babies!

I too have worked my way up through the ranks. When I was a

CNA, they wanted to know when I would be a nurse. When I was

an LPN, they wanted to know when I would be an RN. Now that

I'm an RN, of course they want to know when I'll be a BSN.

Just be proud of yourself for your accomplishments. LPNs are

real nurses too. Anyone who asks, tell 'em I said so.

The public is not sufficiently informed, so we gotta keep telling



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I was a nurse when I had the letters LPN after my name. I have the letters RN after my name now, and I'm still a nurse. I have worked with great nurses ever since I started this career, some RN's , some LPN's and I have found that it usually depends on the person as to what kind of nurse they are. Hope this helps! Congrats, and have fun!:)

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