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2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage


Specializes in Geriatrics.

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Specializes in Med/Surg. LTC,Homecare,Private care. Has 17 years experience.

Not nearly enough in upstate NY-$13-16 med/surg. local hospital

NamasteNurse, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, LTC. Has 8 years experience.

upstate NY 18/hr plus shift differential

OgopogoLPN, LPN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg, LTC/Geriatric.

$25.50/hour +$1.00 weekends/$0.95 evenings/$1.75 nightshift

2 years exp

BC, Canada


Specializes in Homecare, Public Health. Has 6 years experience.

LTC part time $27/hr 1rst and 2nd

LTC per diem $33.00/hr 1rst/2nd shift(I left this job you- couldn't pay me enough for the horrible conditions)

VNA Home care $30 a visit

School Nursing $17.50/hr

location: Central Connecticut

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Specializes in Behavioral Health, ALF.

$19 with benis or per diem for $25 New England

ROCK HILL,SC Home health agency, $20.00 hr minimum , more for hospice up to 23.00 hr. 7 months experience


I am an Indian Nurse with average English skills(6 in ILETS)

please suggest a good college where I can get admission to learn LPN. or even child care/ elderly care.

I wish not to pay too high eventhough I know I have to pay lots as an international student.

Really really thank you for suggestions

god bless you all

22$ per hour, awesome free insurance, and benifits, midwest state.


Specializes in LTC; med-surg; doctors office.

Location: Southeast Missouri

Pay: 16.00/hr

I work for the best surgeon ever. Im his office nurse. I love it. I have mon-fri 8-5. Paid holidays. woo hoo!:yeah:


Specializes in SN, LTC, REHAB, HH.

$19.50/hr. new grad work 12hr. night shift LTC. no diff's,raise or benefits. actually i've been waiting for my 90 day raise and i've been there for 5 1/2 months.

Location st. louis missouri


Specializes in Psych/Substance Abuse, Ambulatory Care. Has 4 years experience.

Massachusetts: Substance Abuse/ Detoxification Unit


2yrs experience


Specializes in Home Health; Family Practice Clinic.

2 recent jobs I've had:

$15/hr + $1/hr shift differential - long term care

$19/hr - home health

A friend of mine who's also an LPN works in a pediatric MD office making $14/hr

In Pennsylvania, by the way


Depending on the location pay varies greatly

Florida 18-24/hr

Alabama 13-15/hr

depends where you work, in tennessee:

hospital: 11.25 for new grad, max pay of like 13.50

nursing home: 14-16

private duty: 18-21

drs office: 12-13

Amber Lynn

Specializes in Geriatrics, Dementia. Has 3 years experience.


18.50/hr first shift e/o weekend Assisted Living


Specializes in Home Health/PD.

Wow, I am shocked at how low LPNs get paid!

I get paid based on insurance status of our private duty case through an agency in virginia:

medicaid/respite pay (all shifts): $13.50/hr

daytime private ins. pay: $18/hr

11-7 private ins. pay: $19.50/hr

our medicaid pay sucks, but the other pay evens it out a little.


Specializes in Geriatrics, Hospice, Palliative Care. Has 7 years experience.

Philadelphia, PA

$22 LTC/subacute, 3 years experience, fair benefits, but our DON is fantastic, and I love my coworkers - that's almost priceless, isn't it?


Specializes in LTAC, Wound Care, Case Management.

Tampa, FL

LTC $17.50 base ($1 w/e, $2 night shift diff)

Hospital $15.45 ($1.25 w/e shift diff)