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ChristinP has 6 years experience and specializes in Homecare, Public Health.

Married, 3 kids,1 Weimaraner and 2 little dogs (LOL amazingly clean home). 15+ years working with children 1-17y/o in a safe home/group home, Was an EMT years ago and currently working towards my BSN.

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  1. ChristinP

    60 visits a week quota ?? sound possible?

    I live and work in Ct for a large HH agency. I only do revisits and I have to do a minimum of 35 visits a week. I average 8 Pts a day. If its mostly status checks & prefills without problems I'm finished In 8 hrs or less. But lately my 8 Pts are all wounds, mix of wound vacs, new ostomys, none of my visits the past week have been simple, they are very involved with lots of teaching and f/u. I work approx 10 to 12+ hrs a day & average 15-20 miles a day all in one large city. And there is always something that needs to be charted when I get home. 12 patients on one day?? Nope I wouldn't do it!
  2. ChristinP

    LPN's in Connecticut hard time finding job

    I live in Ct. I don't believe lpns are being phased out. It's been the same for a while. The job market is poor, I have friends Rns with degrees who have found the job pickings here to be poor. It's the economy. Ive always had 2 jobs, when the VNA of Wallingford closed in Jan. I had a tough time finding a job because not a lot of places are hiring and I could only work 1rst shift- my opportunities were limited. I even *gasp* applied to mall jobs just to pay the bills. Fortunately, I start my new job with a great company on Monday (above average starting pay & benefits). If I was a new grad I don't think I'd have a fighting chance around here!
  3. ChristinP

    Do you keep your door open or closed?

    open doors are invitations LOL we leave it closed!
  4. ChristinP

    School Nurse...and More!

    Sounds like a typical day :)
  5. ChristinP

    allnurses.com iPhone app is here!

    I have the app on my iPod touch but can't wait for the android app!Thanks :)
  6. I'm in Ct, as long as the patient has the slip from the MD, I'll check the site. We do this routinely in my school nurses office for our students and staff and I've done it for patients in home care. The slip gets faxed to md. Any positive reaction, allergic reaction or anything that looks poitive is immediately reported to the MD for them to f/u on.
  7. Many of my classmates felt the same during nursing school. Some used meds, some of us exercised on break or found something to keep our minds clear and free of the craziness. I called it enviromental depression with situational bi-polar :) It really helps to talk to someone and find out if you need further help, which means you need to fit that into your schedule too... I know, more stress and time. But, if it's needed to help then it is important because you are important. Nursing school is very stressful, it doesn't last forever and lucky for you it's almost over. Please remember your first job is also likely to be tough and stressful so take care of yourself.
  8. ChristinP

    I Love being a Christian Nurse

    Amazing...... After reading the OPs statement which I believe is just a 'happy, feel good type statement' and then reading all of the comments both negative & positive..... remembering I live in the USA land of the free My comment is to the OP: "Good for you. If it makes you feel proud and good to be a christian and a nurse then good for you" :)
  9. ChristinP

    What is your current LPN salary

    I live in central Connecticut. I've had my LPN license since 2008. Last LTC on SNF + rehab floors $33.50/hr every Friday night & every other weekend which was back in 2009. Currently in a high school health room part time at $20.00/hr in the mornings and afternoons in home care at $30 per patient visit + mileage.
  10. ChristinP


    remember his strength when you feel down. i have met some amazing patients of all ages who have taught me to be a better person. i have lost patients young & old and cried, i've been to wakes and funerals. it's tough and you will get through it. smile because he made a difference in your life.
  11. notice was given over a month ago. it's very sad to see a company which has been in business since 1919 closing after almost 100 years of service. it was a wonderful place to work - proof that a bunch of women could work together without being catty or causing each other problems. are vns in danger of closing elsewhere or was it mismanagement? who knows? a supervisor mentioned to me that the state reimburses $24/hr for cna care and the senior cna made $17+/hr the company made a profit of approx. $6.00. what do you do with $6.00? the government needs to invest in keeping people home for as long as they can be. our patients needed assistance to stay in their homes and benefited from being in a familiar environment close to family and friends. what is the future of home care? http://www.myrecordjournal.com/wallingford/article_d98d0d30-1b08-11e1-953d-001cc4c002e0.html
  12. ChristinP

    New Job as an Intake Nurse?

    i recently applied for a job as an intake nurse (lpn) with a local home health and hospice facility. i've had experience as a home health nurse (lpn), ltc and school nursing. i applied because the hours are great - monday through friday, no nights weekends or holidays. i'll be home every night to make dinner and help with homework. i'll also have more time to work on my rn online classes. how do you make a transition from bedside care to doing a job that requires no direct patient care. i'm interested in hearing from someone else that has left bedside care to pursue a nursing career without direct patient contact. any regrets? any advice?
  13. ChristinP

    Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    the questions and responses kept me busy and reading for a while. interesting and i really don't understand the original question. different departments make different salaries -plain and simple. i'm an lpn i work with rns and lpns who make more than i do per hour and the new lpn and rns make less than i do. why? because i have seniority and experience - plain and simple. employees are assigned duties and tasks based on their license and ability to perform skills. some facilities allow cnas and techs to do ekgs and some don't. last hospital i worked in all cnas were allowed to do blood sugars, last nursing home i worked in they were not. employers require specific duties. btw i make good money but my husband who has only a high school diploma and works in a maintenance department makes a heck of a lot more than i do. i love him no matter what he does.
  14. ChristinP

    I hate being a nurse

    I've been there and remember crying because I had to go to work at a certain horrible LTC facility. I feel so bad for you & I hope you find something to make you happier without a significant amount of a pay decrease.
  15. ChristinP

    LPN starting pay $26.50!

    Connecticut has an excellant new grad LPN starting rate. My cousin just took a job with no expierence and benefits $24.75/hr LTC. My first LPN job was $26.50/hr second shift years ago.
  16. ChristinP

    PLEASE HELP!!! I'm in trouble with a school assignment.

    Name (just initials)?: CP Your age? 38 Years of experience? 5 How was your experience with your studies? Stressful, I worked full time went to school nights and had 3 kids and a husband. It was overwhelming. How long it took to find a job after graduation? 3 months How was your starting salary? $26/hr Where you work at (Hospital, Home-care)? Homecare - Part time (also in a high school health room - part time & prn LTC) For how long have you worked at this place? 2 years What led you to become a LPN/LVN? I needed a career change I wasn't happy with what I was doing at the time and I'd always enjoyed the thought of nursing. On a normal day, how your workday begins? In home care here in Connecticut LPNs cannot be the primary nurse only a RN. I recieve my assignments to visit patients from the Rns/supervisor What are your duties during a normal day? I work alone. an average of 6 patients in an 8 hour period I have patients who need wound care which could be a skin tears, stage I to IV, amputations and eviserations or wound vacs (yes these patients are home not in a hospital). I prepour and order meds, status checks/change. PRN visits for staus changes. There is lots of teaching and education to patients. Short term and long term illnesses. Lots of calls to PCPs for updates and status changes. chart, chart chart... Do you apply intravenous and / or med? Homecare nurses in the state of Connecticut cannot do IV meds a seperate nursing company must come in to teach a patient or give med. At the end of the workday, what you do? make sure supervisor is aware of any f/u or potential after hours issues. If unable to connect with an MD/PCP during the shift send faxes for important updates, Did you do “Double shifts”? (If the answer is YES) >>>>> NO What you do when you have to double shift? How patients and patient’s family treat you? Majority of the time the patients and family members are appreciative to be able to have visits at home. It keeps then out of the hospital or LTC and provides their PCPs/MDs with regular updates. patients can avoid ED visits with one of our PRN visits and are usually grateful. However some patients and their families feel I am intruding on their lives and schedule. This represents a small number of patients. How your fellows LPNs / LVNs treat you? No problems How your fellow RNs treat you? I get along great with my RNs they have been wonderful teachers. What is your personal opinion about your Professions? Most days I love my job(s) I feel valued and I feel like I make a difference in my patients and their families lives. What would you say to a person who study or think to study to become a LPN ? Do you have any regrets about your profession? I went to school to become an LPN because there was no waiting list I was able to start classes right away, and there was an evening program. I'm very happy being an LPN but I want to advance and that means becoming an RN. I would say to a new LPN student ... Try to shadow a LPN and RN to make sure you know what you want. Both programs are hard work, make sure this is what you want.