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2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage


Specializes in Geriatrics.

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Specializes in LTC, Med-surg, Sub Acute, ER, Some ICU,.

Southern California

Home Health Nurse

$27 per visit,

$29 for visits with phlebotomy

Central Indiana

15.50/ hr in a Family Practice

M-F 8-5 pm, no nights or weekends. Holiday pay, 2 weeks paid vaction 1st year, 6 personal days and 6 sick days per year.

Can't beat that even if I tried!

indynurse '87

Specializes in Geriatrics/LTC.

Central Indiana

I have 20 years of exp. in LTC

$20/hr with $2 shift diff. for 2nd shift.


Specializes in Dialysis.

Dallas, chronic dialysis unit

20.27/hr. this is 4 years as a PCT and almost 2 as an LVN.


Specializes in Med/Surg;Geriatrics;Ortho;Family Med. Has 25 years experience.

Last I checked, in MI LPNs get paid an average of 20/hr to start. My good friend, who has 20+ years makes about 29.50/hr.

Austin, TX

$22 hr

Pediatric Home Health Care

No Shift Diffs

Limited Benefits (none taken - no compensation)

Area Average $18-20hr in LTC

No hospital jobs available to LVNs


Specializes in Long term care. Has 14 years experience.

Northern Illinois, doing MDS', $22.65/hr, M-F only.

Hi, I'm a new w license, . looking for jobs in PA area. any advise where where i should look who is hiring new nurses.... Thanks appreciated it.

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18.50/hr first shift e/o weekend Assisted Living

Hi Amber Lynn, I'm a new lpn grad , w/tpp , taking my nclex this month, looking for job in PA, any suggestion where I should look. who will hire me....thanks, any info is helpful...


Has 1 years experience.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pay: $20.50 - day shift

$22.50 - night shift

Experience: New Grad

luv4, I hope you are right. That last post was killin me! I am starting school in 1 month here in MI and was hoping for a start of at least $20. Anything less than that seems way too low compared to what RN's make. We are only 1 year different in education.

mandykal, ADN, RN

Has 16 years experience.


5yrs. LTC/SUBACUTE/Circus

Jobs #1 $28.82 (fulltime)

#2 $ 25.00 (Part time)

#3 $ 23.00 (Per diem)

There was #4 30.00 Per diem (agency)

There was # 5 $25.00 (Per diem)

There was # 6 $ 18.00 (mail man)

Then I realize I'm not 25 yrs old anymore, so I quit the last 3


Specializes in Psych.

Location: Dallas TX

Pay: 20.50 Hr

Ex: 1 1/2 years

Location: South Jersey

Hourly: $20, full benefits, 0 experience

raekaylvn, LVN

Specializes in School Nurse, Peds HH, DD. Has 10 years experience.

Private Duty -- Peds -- CA

$17/hr with $1 diff for NOC

1 year experience. Waiting on a raise, but not holding my breath. Been there for 10 months.

littlemammanurse, BSN, RN

Specializes in PP, Pediatrics, Home Health.

I make 23.86+$10.00 an hour premium for working nights and weekends(which is what I mostly do.)I work in a children's home for children with severe disabilities.

I live in Ontario Canada.


Specializes in Family Practice.

$18.50 part time in a Family Practice office in Wash state. low pay, but no weekends or holidays and 8-5 hour days. :)

i have 4 years experience.

brenan, ASN, LPN, RN

Specializes in GI. Has 10 years experience.

$21.20 an hour in Colorado. I work in a Primary Care office. No weekends/holiday, plus free health care insurance. I have almost 4 years experience.