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DaniLPN2RN specializes in LTAC, Wound Care, Case Management.

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  1. DaniLPN2RN

    a "friend" looked me up on the BON?????

    I would just casually text her and tell you are concerned ... you looked her up on the local County Police Mug Shots and you couldn't find her picture, but she told you she was "pscyh"o. LOL:roflmao: Some people just don't have boundaries or know...
  2. DaniLPN2RN

    What is your reason for bridging from LPN TO RN?

    I am currently pursuing my RN. For me it a combination of wanting to increase my earning potential and open more career opportunities. While I currently love my job, my company is changing the job requirements and all nurses hired after me are RNs....
  3. DaniLPN2RN

    messed up

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Just remember, things always work out the way they are supposed too. Whether we see it now or not, there is a reason you weren't meant to go to that interview that day. If you are meant to interview for that position...
  4. DaniLPN2RN

    How hard/how much time is LPN/RN school?

    I concur with the other posts. It depends on how much time you are willing (and able) to devote to it. If you are in high school, going to college immediately following would most likely be the easiest for you without the other responsibilities and...
  5. DaniLPN2RN

    work from home opportunities for lpn

    There are work from home opportunities, but you often have to have so much time on the job before they will set you up at home (ie. after 90 days you may be able to work from home). Check out insurance companies and Utilization Management opportunit...
  6. DaniLPN2RN


    Congratulations on passing NCLEX! It's an exciting time. In the state of FL, I have ACLS as an LPN. If you work for a hospital that offers the certifications, they will most likely require that your job function permits the necessity. If you do...
  7. DaniLPN2RN

    Another FCCA success..well half of one anyway..

    Congratulations and don't let nerves get the best of you!! Keep your head up ... YOU GOT THIS!!!
  8. DaniLPN2RN

    ANP vs Micro - Which to take first??

    Thanks for the tips guys. It seems to be a common theme that one thinks they failed and did well on these exams. I hope to feel the same ... well, not that I "want" to feel like I failed, but hope that I do as well as everyone else seems to be doin...
  9. DaniLPN2RN


    Thank you for the suggestion. I have taken ANP in the past, but it was too old. I'm leaning toward taking it first because it may mostly be review. I have not taken micro so it would be entirely new content. I will take your advise and read over ...
  10. DaniLPN2RN

    ANP vs Micro - Which to take first??

    I only have 2 pre-reqs that I need to take before I can start the nursing exams. Would you recommend ANP or Micro first?? Will one help with the other? I know most colleges require ANP prior to Micro. Any advise and/or suggestions would be greatl...
  11. DaniLPN2RN


    Congratulations! Way to Go!!
  12. DaniLPN2RN

    Cost of Information Literacy

    I registered for the class today and it was $445. There was a tuition increase sometime in June or July that increased the cost of the course a bit. There is a technology fee that is added to the course as well.
  13. DaniLPN2RN

    I did it!!

    Congratulations! Great job!! I am just starting the process and very nervous. I have to take A&P and micro. Do you recommend A&P prior to Micro?
  14. DaniLPN2RN


    I am starting the EC process and have to take A&P and Micro. I plan to take both through EC. Does anyone have any suggestions on which is best to take first? This will be my first exam with EC and I am anxious to get started. Just wondering i...
  15. DaniLPN2RN

    Microbiology Exam

    I am just starting my EC journey. I only have A&P and Micro to take prior to starting the nursing classes. Since many of you have been in the same position recently, do you recommend Micro or A&P first?
  16. DaniLPN2RN


    I'm an LPN and work in critical care. I have ACLS. It's a difficult course, but passable. The experience will come from actually doing it, as with much of nursing. It's definitely looks great on your resume.