Roll Call: Introduce Yourselves, LPNs!

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    I suppose I'll start. I completed an LVN program in the Los Angeles area in October 2005, passed NCLEX-PN in January 2006, and have been working in LTC in Texas throughout the past 2 years. Since August 2006, I've accrued 38 credit hours worth of prerequisite classes toward a local LVN-to-RN bridge program.
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  3. by   sleepyndopey
    Hi Everyone!
    I've been an LPN since 1991. My first job was on a step-down icu. I've worked at a drug treatment center, an inpatient psych unit, and I currently work on a sub-acute floor at a ltc/rehab. I do weekend doubles. I attend the local CC and will complete my prereqs for the RN program next summer. I hope to get into the nursing program fall 2008 or spring 2009. My husband is an RN and he works ICU. I have two kids, a 13yo daughter and a 9yo son. I found a few months ago and I've been having fun reading all the posts!
  4. by   Lexxie
    Hi All!

    I graduated from my practical nursing program in February 2005. Been working in LTC ever since. Hospitals here generally don't hire LPNs Enrolled in Excelsior ADN program in July 2007. My long-term goal is to be a travel nurse.
  5. by   scoobydoo32
    hi all,
    graduated in july,07 took boards also in july passed. but was denied my finally after 4 months of waiting. i was cleared to receive my step for me is to get a job, and follow my dream in becoming RN so i can work in OB.
  6. by   SuesquatchRN

    Graduated May 2006, licensed June 2006, LTC until September when I got a med/surg job from which I was fired (I didn't "fit in") in November.

    I'm waiting now for a CPNE date. Anyone doing Excelsior, it CAN be done!
  7. by   CPI61
    Hey everyone. I'm a male nurse. Been an LPN for 14 yrs now. I've been working in psych for much of the time. Also have a lot of geriatric experience. Presently in psych.

    I do have a few questions about a job I'm considering taking in another area of nursing but would like to do a 'search' for answers before making a bunch of unnecessary posts that already have been answered. Is there a search function on this board? I can't seem to locate it.

    EDIT: Duh, nevermind. Found the search box.
  8. by   txspadequeenRN
    okie dokie .. i have been a lvn well just about since long time anyway have worked in the hospital ,but my heart belongs to ltc. worked as a supervisor the majority of my career now just enjoy the wonderful world of being a staff nurse with no responsibilities other than to take care of my patients. i have 6 kids (7 if you want to count the husband) and currently attend 2 colleges full time. i go to texas womens university working on my bachelors degree in general studies ( almost done) and the excelsior the lvn to rn program , i have 2 test left ...knocked nc 3 out earlier today(a)... originally i set out to be a nurse attorney now i am rethinking my position on that... i have 120+ credit hours and i need to do something with them....
  9. by   scallywags

    I am a new LVN. I graduated in May 2007 and have been working in an outpatient clinic these past few months. I was recently offered a new job and will share the details when it is all finalized. Just let me say, I am very excited

    I have about 60 units / credit hours accumulated over the past four years and recently signed up with TCN to finish my last 7 classes before applying to the ISU BSN program.
  10. by   Simplepleasures
    Hi, I graduated in ancient times, 1977, from a private Catholic LPN school, the Sacred Heart School of Nursing.No longer exists.The nuns made us kneel on the floor and if our ugly brown uniform didnt touch we had to lower our hemline.We had two weeks off in summer and one week for Christmas.We used RN manuals and were the only school in Milwaukee to have to follow a patient through pre op, surgery and post op, then write a term paper on the experience. It was a TOUGH school, but did teach ALOT in one year.I worked for nearly 30 years in LTC, 27 of them as an LPN.

    I have taken to causing trouble and lovin' it in my old age and "retirement".
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  11. by   pagandeva2000
    Graduated in April 2006, got license in June, 2006. Work in a hospital clinic as my main job, side jobs include vaccination nurse and home care. Don't plan to become an RN, but plan to be a darned good, observant nurse.
  12. by   ShellyJ25
    Hello..I graduated in July. Passed boards in October. Stayed at my current job, LTC, part-time. Currently working full-time in an ALF, Classic Residence by Hyatt as a Lead LPN. I'm 8 credits away from sending my RN program application. Hoping to start RN program by Feb 2009
  13. by   nurse828
    Hi everyone. Been an LPN for 8 months. Currently working in LTC but trying to get out of the facility I'm with. Considering doing agency, at least for a bit. Planning to work on the RN soon.
  14. by   OgopogoLPN
    I'm currently an LPN student---just finished first of 3 semesters today!! I'm 31 and have wanted to be a nurse forever! I'm finally doing it and REALLY ENJOYING school so far!

    At this point, my plan is to work in acute care upon graduation, but I'll likely need to do a few months in LTC before going on to acute care. I'd ultimately love to work on the post partum ward, or L + D if it's opened up to LPNs in my province.