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LTC, Urgent Care
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Lexxie is a LPN and specializes in LTC, Urgent Care.

1st semester of college almost over! Yippee!!!

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  1. Lexxie

    2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage

    Southcentral PA $15.50 in Urgent Care setting
  2. Lexxie

    New LVN concerned about Code and STAT response.

    I would also check to see which residents are full codes vs. DNR or have living wills. In the LTC facility that I worked at, those things ultimately determined what was done in a emergency situation, ie: 911 call or comfort measures.
  3. If you take A&P now, you may be able to skip that in the LPN program. Two girls in my class were able to do this because they'd had A&P courses within 5 years of starting the program. I'd check into it.
  4. Lexxie

    Re: Does anyone regret becoming an LPN?

    The only thing I regret about being an LPN is that there are limited positions here in my area. Hospitals stopped hiring us about the time I graduated, which is where I really wanted to work. Otherwise I had planned to become an LPN first to gain experience and also to be able to earn a decent living when I did finally pursue my RN.
  5. Lexxie

    No raise this year.!!!!!

    None of the employees at my job have received raises - as far as I know. Being an almost 2-year old practice though, it's still getting off the ground, so I haven't really complained. However, my 2 year "anniversary" is coming up in April and I do plan to ask for a raise then. All they can do is say no, right? hehe
  6. Lexxie

    What is your employers attendance policy?

    My current employer has NO attendance policy, nor policies for anything else for that matter, but that's another thread. One of my fellow co-workers was a no call/no show about 3 weeks ago. This is after she was written up and suspended. Seems like that would've been grounds to fire her, but she's still there.
  7. Lexxie

    Any Ideas???

    The Blind Association in my area provides free books on tape to those who cannot see.
  8. Nope I guess not. We had a good laugh about if for the first month or so after I went back to work tho.
  9. Lexxie

    who is??

    I've just completed my first year of pre-reqs. One more year of pre-reqs. I can apply next summer for the nursing program that will start January '11. I will then graduate May 2012.
  10. With my third child, I worked until the day before my planned c-section. I was working FT in LTC and also PT doing wheelchair transports. I performed all of my duties with the exception of any heavy lifting. My one boss,who has no children of his own and knows nothing about childbirth, called me 5 days after the delivery and asked me if I could come to work that week! lol
  11. Lexxie

    Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

    South central PA Nearly 5 years experience as an LPN $15/hr in an Urgent Care Center
  12. Lexxie

    Scared about boards

    I was in the same situation. I was single and pregnant when I graduated from nursing school. There were many factors involved other than that, but bottom line is that it was a full year before I could afford to take boards. Luckily, I was working as a GPN in the meantime. I passed with 85 questions! You can do it too! Good luck!
  13. Lexxie

    College help

    CC stands for community college
  14. Lexxie

    adding to the paperwork

    You mean the quarterly pain, fall risk, elopement, etc. assessments? At my old facility, floor nurses had to do them as well. They were divied up between the shifts - days did pain, evenings - fall risk, etc.. Could medical records pick up the TB tracking, since he/she audits the charts anyway?
  15. Lexxie

    I got accepted

    Congratulations!! Best of luck in your endeavor.
  16. Lexxie

    New nurse orientation Tuesday need Advice

    The Hospice inpatient units in my area require the LPN to have med/surg experience. Kinda stinks as the hospitals around here have not been hiring LPNs for several years.