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Hello I am not an lpn but am thinking about becoming one and i have researched salaries. I have seen salaries as low as $12 an hour and as high as $18 an hour. What is the average starting... Read More

  1. by   Fiona59
    Quote from LPN_of_BC
    Hi is LVN and LPN a different thing? Here in Canada we only have LPN no LVN. Thanks.
    Sorry to tell you this but Ontario calls their PNs, Registered Practical Nurses and uses RPN for the tag. Confuses the rest of western Canada where an RPN is a Reg. Psych Nurse.
  2. by   texasg67
    Does anyone know how much the pay is for a LVN in the Dallas area?
  3. by   Reese17
    Does anyone know the starting salary for LPN's in the Chicago area? I know most LPN's work in nursing homes here in Illinois. Thanks for your help.
  4. by   valasari
    There is a big pay difference where you work in my area of Florida. I started out in a Dr office making ten dollars an hour, I was nervous and worried about finding a job as a new LPN. I realize now that that they were underpaying me quite a bit. I stayed there for 7 yrs, left making 16.25. I started my next job, working night shift at a rehab/nurshing home with the base pay at 18.00 and shift differential was 2, so total $20 an hour.

    I will be moving to Wisconsin in 2 yrs, and I am wondering what kind of pay rate they have. I will be living in the Waukesha/Milwaukee area, and probably night shift still. I would like LPN pay and RN pay, as I may be graduated from RN by then. Thanks Val
  5. by   chevyv
    I live in WI and grew up in Milwaukee. There are some hospitals that hire LPN's and ltc that are always looking for lpns as well. I now live about 40 miles away from Milw. and it's slim pickins for lpns out here. Lots in Milw though. You might want to check out the local paper's jobs online its www.jsonline.com (journal sentinel online)
  6. by   Susie Nurse
    CDC (California Department of Corrections) hired a new grad from my school at $26/hr.
  7. by   RFWB
    Recent grad LPN in Cleveland metro area - 3rd shift, w/ shift diff. is $20/hr. This is in LTC/Rehab.

    From what I've heard from other classmates we seem to be ranging from 17-20, mostly depending on the shift.
  8. by   lpn32
    anyone know about NC the fayetteville area?
  9. by   silent ninja
    I was browsing on the Internet last night looking at LVN job listings.

    This is in So Cal...and I came across a listing from Kaiser Permanente and they're hiring LVN's for $25/hr. This is a 12 hour shift too, so that 25/hr will add up quick.

    Not bad!
  10. by   kat7ap
    Quote from texasg67
    Does anyone know how much the pay is for a LVN in the Dallas area?
    New LVNs grads make about $18-21 base pay in LTC, $15-19 base pay in the hospital. I made $18.25 starting out in a nursing home almost 3 years ago and JPS hospital offered $17/hr + $2.00 shift differential with 2 years experience. Usually the LTACHs and Rehab hospitals like Kindred and Healthsouth pay more. I just recently started with hospice and I will be making about $50,000 - $56,000 (depending on how much I work) a year now. Not bad for the low cost of living around here.
  11. by   marquan11
    I want to become a nurse but I want alot of clinical hours and I heard that you get more as an LPN and less as and ADN I want to go the ADN route but should I do the LPN program first to prepare me and bridge over, has anyone one taken this route.
  12. by   chevyv
    I attend the ADN program at a local technical college and they have their lpn and adn programs combined. Everyone starts out the same in the 2 yr program, but after 1 yr those that wish to stay at the lpn level can put in for graduation and take their state boards. Those of us that wish to go on for the next year can do so. You can even take you pn boards and continue on with the rest of your class. Wisconsin's tech colleges offer the same nursing curriculum so you can (if there are openings) take one or two classes at different colleges if the ones offerred don't fit in with your schedule. I was able to take 2 theory courses online at a different college. I'm not sure if other states are doing this, but check it out.

    As far as more clinical hours, you can work as a CNA or many hospitals offer Shadow Programs. This is where you shadow a nurse (no hands on anything, but you get to observe). Hope this helps
  13. by   smak60
    What type of facility do you work at???