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kat7ap has 8 years experience and specializes in Mother-Baby, Rehab, Hospice, Memory Care.

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  1. kat7ap

    Sumner College Portland OR :)

    Does Sumner have an LPN-RN bridge? Has anyone been able to do that? If so how long did it take you and what was the tuition cost. Just curious to know since I am an experienced LPN who would eventually like to bridge but it seems like my options are pretty limited here in Portland. Not to mention, I hear it is incredibly difficult to get accepted into programs.
  2. kat7ap

    LPN Hourly Wage Poll

    If you don't mind sharing. Please include your area of specialty, shift, and years of experience. I am curious to know if I'm getting a competitive wage. I work in long term memory care, 8 years experience and making $23.20 (after my annual raise) no shift differential, on the evening shift. This is my first job in Oregon so I have nothing to compare it to. Thanks!
  3. My hospital has failed to even acknowledge National Nurse's Week. Instead, starting tomorrow they are celebrating, "National Hospital Week". WTH? I've never even heard of this until now. This really rubs some of us nurses the wrong way. Why are we not allowed to have at least our own special day to honor nursing?
  4. kat7ap

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    Wow. When I was a CNA many years ago, I absolutely did NOT want the responsibility of the Nurse. I would never had dreamed of calling myself a nurse when I was not. As far as I saw it, I already had a super tough busy job making less than half of what the nurse's did. Not to mention, I clearly knew my limitations of my CNA education and knowledge compared to a nurse. When others say "patients don't know the difference between CNAs and Nurses because it's too confusing". I say educate them! Unless they are just really confused, it takes about 2 seconds to say I am your Nurse today and I will be responsible for your assessment, wound care, medications, etc. _____ will be your Tech/CNA/Aide today and will be able to assist you with getting dressed, going to the bathroom, grooming, bathing, etc. It also helps if in the hospital you write on a board for patients your name as the Nurse and then the Tech/CNAs name. Where I work 90% of the patients seem to understand the roles without much difficulty at all.
  5. kat7ap

    Can a LVN draw blood without a blood withdrawal cert?

    I have no idea what a blood withdrawal certificate is. Maybe this is something in California? In Texas we don't need additional certificates for IV or blood draws, it is covered under our license.
  6. kat7ap

    Pregnancy and floor nursing

    Congratulations! I am now almost 15 weeks with twins. I work in a busy rehab hospital and fortunately we don't get too many patients that I can't take so I was going to keep it quiet for a while. However, literally a week after I found out I was pregnant I was assigned to a patient with shingles. I had to come out and tell people at work that day - way earlier than I had planned especially since I had a miscarriage the first time. After that I just decided to be open with it since others had found out and were not keeping it a secret. Everyone I work with has been very supportive. It's really a personal choice when you announce. As sad as this sounds, miscarriage is very common early on so you just have to ask yourself who would you feel okay "untelling" if something were to happen. I agree it is a good idea to tell your manager and supervisors when you get confirmation. Since your co-workers know you were trying it might be difficult to keep it a secret for long! Good Luck!
  7. Working in OB being in pictures and video did not bother me so much, because I knew it was about the baby and NOT me. The strangest situation I had was working in hospice home care with a dying Vietnamese pt. and her family. They had a tripod with a video camera on it filming her on and off so that relatives back home could see her. In her last few moments they turned on the camera to capture the actual death. Then when the funeral home came to take her body they started rolling again. I KNOW I was obviously on their videos, but how was I to object since it was in THEIR home and with what they were going through. They were the sweetest most hospitable people to me. So as odd as it felt to me, I think in this case it was possibly a culture thing. Then the other day I had a family member bring in a voice recorder to tape my discharge instructions.
  8. Wow... And I thought Dallas-Fort Worth had a lot of LVN programs without enough of job demand out there. I wonder why the CA board of nursing approves so many nursing programs when they must know that there is no job market to support it. It seems very unethical.
  9. kat7ap

    Any LPN/VN's ACLS certified?

    I am ACLS certified. My hospital required it for all licensed nurses. It was done and paid for by my hospital.
  10. kat7ap

    New Grad LPN NO training!!!!!!

    I'm not schocked at all. This sounds like typical LTCF BS. As a new grad I was told I would get 3 days of floor orientation. It turned into 2 days, due to state being in the building on the 3rd day. I was fortunate to work with some helpful nurses who helped me along. Learn as you go... not ideal, but at least you have a job! It sounds like management isn't interested in giving you more orientation, so if feel too uncomfortable then quit. I would try to give it a chance first.
  11. kat7ap

    cant pay back school loans, garnish wages?

    Yes, deferment was the word I was thinking of but couldn't remember!
  12. kat7ap

    cant pay back school loans, garnish wages?

    You need to contact your lender and tell them your situation and that cannot afford pay the loans now. From what I remember in my loan exit class, you NEVER want to default on a Federal student loan. Read over your loan info and call someone ASAP.
  13. kat7ap

    working under the RN's

    I think the answer to this really depends your employer's protocol and state's scope of practice. Where I've worked RN is responsible for only the intial assessment. If there is a change in condition the LPN/LVN should be expected to intiate any nursing interventions and notify the physician if needed. Your charge RN or RN you are "working under" should be informed and assist you if needed. For the IV Pushes or other things outside of your scope, offer to do something in turn for the RN.
  14. kat7ap

    Possible relocation to Tyler, Texas...

    Didn't want to start a brand new thread.... My DH accepted a job at TMFH and we will be relocating from DFW. From what I've read, south Tyler and south of Tyler are the better areas to live. Any thoughts or comments about Lindale area? We would like to make our drive back to DFW as short as possible but still be within 10-20 minutes of the hospital. The single family home rental market seems to be really low and/or not as affordable as I'd hoped. Any advice or suggestions of other areas to look at would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. kat7ap

    Physical Therapy drops pt and doesn't tell RN??

    In my facility ANY employee can fill out an incident report not just the nurses. If PT is the one that witnessed the fall, then they should have to fill out an IR. You might want to do one yourself as well, but I think it was PT's responsibility to have one done too. They should have notified you right away so you could assess the patient and inform the family and physician.
  16. kat7ap

    Is this not illegal??

    Yikes. That is down right scary! A situation like that really puts your license at risk. I'm sure State would have a field day with that. I can't believe that management didn't have a problem with that, because it seems that they would be some how liable as well. I think that they steps you mentioned above would be correct. Work your way up the food chain until there is action. In Texas we have something called "Safe Harbor" that a nurse can file if they feel they are given an unsafe assignment.