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  1. I didn't accept the keys.....

    Thanks for the support you guys! Your words bring tears to my eyes. And YES, I feel as if I had accepted the assignment, I FOR SURE would have made a med error, and would have felt even worse for hurting that patient, than I did for walking out. I...
  2. I didn't accept the keys.....

    Well, I finally did it. I refused to take report/keys in a LTC/Rehab facility that is critically understaffed. Here's the deal. I was hired as a night shift RN supervisor. Almost immediately after I started the DON who hired me was fired. That l...
  3. When I was a LPN in Miami, FL: LPN, agency Bedside continuous care 12 hour shifts $20/hr federal mileage rate only over 15 miles travel time over 1 hour ($20) Don't forget people, Florida has no INCOME TAX!
  4. bad bad deaths

    Yup, my worst have been hepatic related. Lung has been pretty bad too, but for some reason the hepatic encaphaly makes all palliative measures pretty much moot. Either we knock them out so they just sleep until the end, or they are tormented (as we...
  5. What is your Achilles heel?

    OMG you guys are HILARIOUS!!! I once watched a patient drink the VOMIT she had vomited into a cup!!! By the time I processed what I was watching, vomit was gone! Poof! Back to where it came from! I retched all the way back to the nurses station.
  6. Excel Grads getting jobs? Clinicals questions?

    Hey ctcpete! I am in southwest Florida. Because of the "pete" in your online name, I actually have wondered if you might be in St. Petersburg, FL just a bit north of me. Are you?
  7. Low Census

    Things have only been this bad since the end of last year. I worked as a night shift crisis/continuous care hospice LPN for many years. My first job was through an agency and I averaged 3-4 nights per week. My second job was with a hospice company ...
  8. How much did your EC degree cost?

    A FORTUNE but it took me 4 years, and I had to take the CPNE TWICE !!! Now that I am finished, and have MULTIPLE RN job offers, it was worth every penny! THANK YOU EXCELSIOR!!! (btw, during those 4 years I worked and successfully raised twin teenag...
  9. NCLEX 7/11

    WhooHooooo!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!
  10. Excel Grads getting jobs? Clinicals questions?

    Ok, I graduated from EC 5/17/13. Passed NCLEX 7/5/13. Just got my first job offer 7/12/13 making $30/hour as a night shift charge nurse at a sub acute facility. I have 2 more company's to call back next week, and of the other interviews I've done,...
  11. What are the chances of failing with 75 questions?

    I KNOW!!! RIGHT!!! I felt EXACTLY the same way!!! 75 questions, 1.5 hours of my life and it was over? HUH? I am thrilled I passed but I guess this is why sometimes the journey is better than actually arriving!
  12. I kept my online account active until I passed my CPNE. The most valuable part of having it, I think, was that on the night after I got my first PCS assignment (Fri night), I was able to go back to my room and watch Sherri do Resp Assess and a Neuro...
  13. Passed NCLEX but when to tell family

    Girl you passed! Go and scream it to the WORLD! Congratulations on all your hard work!
  14. EKG strips on NCLEX

    I had a ridiculously easy EKG strip. It was only 1 question and the question was which of the strips showed probable near death. And honestly 3 of the choices varied just a little bit and the 4th choice looked EXACTLY like a crazy scribble line fro...
  15. quick results

    My link also came up about 40 hours after I finished AND that was over a Sat/Sun. Once you get past the 40 hour mark or so I would check the sucker every hour!!! And I agree, the PVT worked for me but I didn't totally believe it until I saw the "un...