Lpn license will soon expire!


I got my lpn license two years ago. I do not work as a nurse. My license will expire in may. How do I renew?

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Contact your state board of nursing to get renewal information. It is probably on the web


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I got my lpn license two years ago. I do not work as a nurse. My license will expire in may. How do I renew?

Do the same thing you do with your driver's license. Go back to the place where you got it.

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In NJ we get a renewal notice in the mail. One thing though many states require Continuing Education Units. In NJ you must have completed 30 hours to renew. I would check right away if your state requires CEU's cause if you need them...well the time frame is rather close...



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The three states I have been licensed in four times also required a certain number of hours of practice. If you were not working as a nurse, you had to go "inactive". CEU's were required to make your license active again.

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check your mail....

they should send you an automaitc renewal form...


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Just because OP is not a practicing nurse now doesn't mean she never wants to be one in the future. :)

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I live in PA... we do not have required CEU's (*yet*) ...

we get a letter in the mail and then you can either renew online or mail.... Faye

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I live in Texas, where LVNs must accrue 20 CEUs prior to licensure renewal.

To the original poster: contact your board of nursing to see which steps you must take in order to get the licensure renewal ball rolling. Even though you're not working as a nurse, you worked hard for your license.

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My state does not require CEUs at this time. However, they do have mandatory online renewal, which I am not all that crazy about.


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i cannot believe that your license has not already expired..in my state and the others that i know about you have to renew every year


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In CA it expires the month after your birth following one yr of nursing I passed boards in March of 2007 my birth month is Oct. so my license exp. November of 2008. No ceu's are required for the 1st renewal but 30 are required for each subsequent renewal.

To OP I would check your BON website.

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