Listen up future Nurses. I have some news...

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Do your research as to where the future plans

of hospitals/health care facilities are going before you go into massive debt for

a nursing education. If debt is not a problem for you, then consider not putting all your eggs in one basket.

A LOT- of new grads on all levels, LPNs, ADNs, BSNs, MSNs

are having a difficult time finding jobs (or that "dream" job) in all types of health

care facilities. (Lets not forget the experienced nurses having just about the same difficulity finding a job)

I'm not discouraging anyone, BUT, PLEASE If I could leave everyone with some humble advice (which I'm taking as well:)

1. Please avoid loan debt to get your nursing degree to the best of your ability--especially PRIVATE LOAN

(ounce you graduate, sallie mae and her momma (or whoever you owe) will be blowing up your number to pay

her back (rightly so). But if you are one of the many who still haven't found a job 6-13 or more months

after graduating...well get ready to be harrased)

2. Network, network, network is a BIGGY when trying to land a job position. I can't stress this enough

3. Consider applying to other jobs if you're having a hard time landing a nurse position.

For example:

Telemetry monitor

Unit secretary


medical assistant, etc.

I know those positions may not be appealing to nurses coming out of a demanding program, but you need to pay

your bills and care for yourself and/or family.

This economy is terrible right now.

Yes, there are nursing jobs, but its a catch-22 ( "you need experience" but yet they won't give you a chance)

I'm not claiming that a new grad won't find a job because some do right away- BUT, the majority of the new grads are struggle landing a job because the job market has too much SUPPLY not enough DEMAND.


I don't know where you're living but hospitals here in kansas are doing loan foregivness programsin return for working 2 years for them (and getting paid as well.) grads here all have jobs months in advance to graduation. Like 96% of seniors have jobs waiting fior them... It is worth everything to be a nurse. PLUS if nursing is your passion, you will do what it takes.

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There are lots of RN postings in the metro Detroit area as well. "experience" doesn't necessarily have to be RN experience...CNA experience while you're in school counts as well, and most hospitals around here will hire you on as a new grad RN if you're currently working as a CNA for them.

I agree, keep the debt down to a minimum...I know I am...but don't lose hope folks, we will be in an upswing soon enough.

This can be said for college students with any major--finding a job right now is tough for all new grads. You have given some good advice, and while it's absolutely a great idea to avoid debt if possible, student loans can still be a sensible option for many students. It will be tough, but not impossible, for new grads to find jobs, and I don't think that should stop anyone from pursuing education or a career.

As with anything, it depends on where you live. Not every part of the country is as horrible as others when it comes to not finding a job. Keep that in mind.

I think I'll print this and hang it on my fridge just to remind me why I work my butt off in NS. Thanks.

Wow, thanks for the encouraging words. I'm not sure where you live but here there is a demand for nurses.

If I can't find a decent job I'll just go back to working as a cop full-time. No big.

We have a big demand here as well. 100% employment rate for all grads from my school thus far. And our hospital's do loan forgiveness too.

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I don't know why this issue is extra dramatic for nursing...all fields are the same, I think we all know what we're getting in to - that doesn't mean we shouldn't get an education. People still go into teaching even though it's near impossible to find a job. People graduate every year with degrees that mean nothing and they struggle.

I know you're just trying to give some advice, but I think the people on these boards are passionate about nursing and it's not "just a job" to us. I know the job hunt is going to be terrifying, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end!

To the people in new grad friendly areas: please Tell us where you are!

Maybe you should investigate every city, every state, and every hospital before you start saying the sky is falling. Like everyone else who has posted, there is no issue with job prospects where I live. Local hospitals have many openings posted, solicit new grads at informational job fairs at our school, and offer advance sign-on bonuses to those who are willing to sign a contract. I've already signed on with the hospital where I have clinicals, and it was offered to me in my first semester.

For those who don't go to the hospital setting, extended care facilities have been sending cards in the mail asking for applicants. Mental health facilities have openings. Every class, every semester, has placed the new grads within 3 months of passing NCLEX. I honestly don't know how a new RN can't find a job unless they just have little employment history?

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