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  1. Vitas pay?

    Does anyone know the ballpark wage for Vitas? I am in Stockton CA and considering applying there. I have two years hospice experience.
  2. CA State Hospitals/Prisons

  3. CA State Hospitals/Prisons

    I only have 4 months of experience and they hired me =)
  4. CA State Hospitals/Prisons

    At Coalinga? I'm in the exact same situation, same interview day. When did they call your references? Good luck to both of us :)
  5. You could ask them directly what they prefer. Usually Ate and Kuya are used to convey respect to an older colleague and usually only if the two people are close.
  6. CA State Hospitals/Prisons

    Anyone currently trying to get hired at a CA state hospital or prison? I'd like to connect with anyone currently going through the process or interested. Had an interview and my references were checked, just waiting for a yes or no at Coalinga State ...
  7. Only hospital jobs?

    It can be done. I graduated in May and I work in outpatient mental health. It took me almost four months after licensure to be hired. Out of my class of 70ish, I only know of a handful of people that are still unemployed and most of the people I have...
  8. Anyone here in the process or interested in working with CDCR or the Department of State Hospitals? I recently did a hiring interview at Coalinga State Hospital after doing my QAP at Salinas in September. Just wanted to know if anyone else out there ...
  9. Psych RN job right after BSN graduation

    It's definitely possible. I've had my first job now for a few months and it is at an outpatient psych support program. I started out as registry but they really liked me so they bought out my contract even though their job posting said they wanted so...
  10. $23/hr office nursing

    I applied to an adult day care health center and the pay was $23/hr for new grads. I'm currently working registry and I get paid $25/hr split because I'm a new grad and its a psych clinic. I'm happy with it though. Think about it as a stepping stone ...
  11. CA correctional/DMH RN application

    I applied on the website too, for CDCR, and only got a 75 because I'm an ADN. I'm thinking that there are probably thousands of people who are on that eligibility list so I'm not really focusing on them. I just did an oral exam for Dept of State Hosp...
  12. Salinas Valley Psychiatric Program

    Hi, I wanted to know how it went. I have an oral exam with them next month. Hope you are doing well!
  13. Hi, has anyone applied to or works at a state facility? I'd like to apply, but the website is really confusing. Do I have to get eligibility somewhere through a test? Or do I just mail in the paper application to the address indicated on the vacancy?...
  14. Sacramento City College New Selection Criteria

    I know its a little off topic, but I encourage you guys to apply at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, its a great program, not lottery, and take around 70 students each semester so your chance of getting in is high. Their admissions is based on ...
  15. What are your future nursing plans??

    I spent a day in the OR and a few in NICU and I loved them both. ER was interesting and definitely very hands-on but soooo busy! Ultimately I would like to work in corrections at one of the facilities close by. If the pay was better though it was alw...