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  1. anonymousstudent

    Do you have a lot of Debt to pay off

    I owe absolutely nothing for the ADN I just completed. Not one cent. Get a job. Save. Go slowly if you have too.
  2. anonymousstudent

    "Too many" nursing programs?

    I'm concerned and I have a right to be! I'm at a good CC with a good reputation. But there are so many crappy ADN programs out there turning out students who've had horrible clinical experience and just aren't ready that now every hospital system in my area has stopped hiring ADN's because they don't want to deal with new nurses trained by the nurse mill schools who just can't hack it. Is my school part of that problem? Not with the wide variety of clinical experiences we get in the hospitals and a first time NCLEX pass rate in the 90%+. Does it matter? Nope. The hospitals here made a blanket policy so they don't even have to deal with students coming out of these crappy schools. So yes, it affects me.
  3. anonymousstudent

    Reciting nurse's pledge question

    I have the opposite problem, and I'm also at a state run facility with no faith/religion. Ours read as some nebulous statement about "I pledge myself to All Higher Beings." Well the bottom line is that I do not pledge myself to ALL HIGHER BEINGS. I pledge myself to the One, the true God, maker of all things. There are other higher beings out there, and I'm not going to get into it but there is not a chance I'd do anything even close to pledging myself to them. So I just said it the my way. That's what holds meaning for me, that's what directs me, that's where I have accountability in my life.
  4. anonymousstudent

    I graduated!!!

    I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t: I graduated from my nursing program - I am COMPLETELY DONE. For those of you thinking you'll never get there, stick with it, you will! I'm still trying to let it sink in. What a huge relief. Now for that NCLEX.
  5. It's a matter of being organized. Make a sheet yourself - everything you'll cover in report. Go by system or by topic or whatever makes sense to YOU. Make an SBAR box on there somewhere. Write down important stuff. You are not a computer, you can't remember everything. What you don't get in report open up the charting and pull it off of there to complete your cheat sheet.
  6. anonymousstudent

    MMR/ Hep B vaccines

    As far as I'm aware, the only combo for MMR is an addition of varicella, called ProQuad.
  7. anonymousstudent

    "There's nothing worse than a FAT nurse!"

    That was an obnoxious comment. His filter is broken. Or he thinks he's above a filter. MANY people have this opinion, not just your doctor. This is such a sensitive area for people that they immediately default into a defensive posture when it comes up. You have identified it in your reasoning for losing weight - how can you talk to a patient about weight if you are not yourself healthy? The acknowledgement that hypocrisy is present many times in this issue is valid. While the comment was obnoxious, the reasoning wasn't. We have a great opportunity to frankly talk to people about weight and the consequences it carries. But this issue especially cannot be presented as "do as I say, not as I do" issue. The same goes for many health related activities. The question is what is a nurse? Is it good enough to just know your stuff? Is it good enough to know that obesity will cause numerous and significant health problems? As a patient, do I care that you know being overweight is bad? You can tell me that all you want, but if I see that you yourself are overweight, it can't be that bad. Right? This is an interesting topic.
  8. anonymousstudent

    Pregnancy: Before or After Nursing School

    You will be nurse for a few decades - a parent for your entire life. There is absolutely nothing that comes before your family and children. You can drop out and re-enter, or start over if you need to. Many of my classmates have had children throughout the program, at various stages (including me!) Not one of us has dropped out or had any problems. It's not easy, but it's not something to stress about either. Take it as it comes, and make your decisions as time goes on. No use stressing about it when you don't know what will happen. GL dear.
  9. anonymousstudent

    Med math test at start of nursing school?

    The kind of math you need for nursing is super super basic. Just make sure your answer makes sense, and that your conversions are correct. Know how to go from grams to mg, etc. And know that the DOSE is the amount of medication (mg) NOT the volume (mL).
  10. anonymousstudent

    Best degree for APN interested in arts in medicine

    You really need to step back at this and take another look at art therapy. What you are describing basically leaves you doing activities using art. That's fine, if that will be enough for you. But if you really want to use art as the medium to drive therapeutic change, your hands will be tied. You can't practice AT if you're not an Art Therapist. From reading what you wrote, it looks like you think being a nurse will get you to your goal in a better way. From my view, it will hinder your goals and leave you doing activity based programs with no real value.
  11. anonymousstudent

    Nursing student afraid of urinary catheters!

    I have never had this skill in clinical either. I think that having somebody who's a little worried about it is a better situation. Speaking as a patient, caths hurt like hell and I've never come out of the hospital without a UTI from it. So I'd rather my nurse be on high alert, paying super close attention to what kind of pathogens they are shoving into my bladder, and being aware that those suckers HURT.
  12. anonymousstudent

    Why is there so much rudeness?

    There's an ignore button!? Where!?
  13. anonymousstudent

    Good resources for lung and heart sounds?

    Make it known to the other students in your clinical group that you are looking for examples of heart/lung sounds. Chances are good that you'll encounter many of them in clinical, especially lung sounds. Most patients are OK with another student coming in to listen to their lungs if you ask nicely. :)
  14. anonymousstudent

    Why is there so much rudeness?

    I've noticed it too. And you are right, some posters are just plain rude. It makes you wonder how these people plan on being nurses and communicating with patients who have far less knowledge and much less ability to understand their medical problems and teaching. Of course, this is an open forum, which means we basically post anonymously. So there are trolls here, and the usual garbage that comes with a free for all give your opinion site.
  15. anonymousstudent

    No Car for Nursing School- Urban Area- Am I doomed?

    I have driven other students who live around me to clinicals every term except for the first. Ask around and see who lives near you, and then talk to the person who does scheduling about placing you at the same site. Or talk to the scheduler and request places that are closer so you can get there via public transport on time.
  16. I used to do interviewing for the department I was managing. I'd say it's unlikely they wasted their time interviewing you if you didn't meet the requirements to actually do the job. Remember that they are looking at an entirely different set of needs than you are aware of. They know the people on their team, and they know specific qualities and traits they are looking for. You might not be a good match, and that's OK. You will be somewhere. Don't take it personally. I know it's hard, but you just have to accept that it's probably got nothing to do with your qualifications and move on. OR, the person they ended up hiring was the cousin of so and so, or the best friend of that person's mom's son...you know that crap is happening too.