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    I love this thread! I was shocked and upset at the beginning, but completely turned around now. So strange to think of kids drinking coffee, but the "coffee milk" makes sense, especially with the cultural considerations. I'm thinking elementary school (and beyond) might have been more tolerable with some coffee milk I was never awake/attentive and always had headaches in the morning...I've been a night owl since birth!! haha
  2. thatsthekeyRNC

    NICU Documentaries

    Watched "Twice Born" today and loved it!! I would love if they did more!
  3. thatsthekeyRNC

    Does Anyone Use NICU View?

    The parents love it and are really impressed that we offer it...it requires a lot of extra work for the nurses and MANY extra phone calls of "can you fix the camera?" or "my baby is crying" but I think some families are happy to log in, see the sleeping baby, and not worry about them as much. Now it's part of our routine - check on babies, check on orders, check the camera, so I think we are doing better with them now. It's just hard when you are busy and can't always check on all of the cameras and the family is calling all night.. or want the baby facing the camera at all times even if we explain that we have to change their position! haha
  4. thatsthekeyRNC

    Initiating a music therapy program in level III NICU

    I don't think we have an actual organized music therapy program, but during the day we have a harpist and it's so nice - I remember the older babies looking mesmerized when she walked around! Otherwise, the bigger difficult-to-soothe babies will usually get a CD player from Child Life with lullabies or we will pull up youtube on the computer and play lullaby videos. I doubt we have any policies or programs though.
  5. thatsthekeyRNC

    Transfusion associated NEC

    We keep the babies NPO for 3 hours before, during, and 3 hours after transfusions but fluids are running before and after so there aren't issues with hypoglycemia. If the baby has a PICC, whatever fluids they normally get will continue to run at a lower rate while the blood is running and then switch back after it's done.
  6. thatsthekeyRNC


    I wasn't ready for certification yet, but I also took the NICU Solutions class to get an overview when I was new (my hospital didn't offer much education) and I loved it! I need to take out the manual again to prepare for certification! I was so much more confidant at work after taking the class. My 2 year mark is around the same time as you so I'll be studying along with you! haha Good luck!
  7. thatsthekeyRNC

    Car seat test

    We basically can't do anything, although the mom-nurses are more helpful just because they have experience...the parents are supposed to be independent with the car seat at discharge. We do discuss how tight the straps should be and other basic things, but not much. I always try to tell parents close to discharge to get the seat inspected, read the manual, and play around with the seat (I could wrestle with the things for hours trying to move the straps down to actually FIT a newborn baby/premie :-|) because it's their seat and they have to use it. The reality is that I just know we can't help them! Parents have actually yelled at us for not helping them... Now for the car seat test (tolerance) we do put the baby in the seat ourselves.
  8. thatsthekeyRNC

    Labs/Blood Gases

    I would be interested in a tool as well! I still have random notes all over the place, never found anything that works!
  9. Congrats on the job!! Night shift can be a difficult transition for a lot of people, but it seems that the available jobs in hospitals are usually night shift! I am a night person and I function better on night shift than I did on day shift so it wasn't too difficult for me, but I understand your concern. I would definitely stick it out and see how you can adjust because you might like it, or you might eventually be able to switch to day shift. In the beginning my life just had to revolve around work and my sleep schedule until I figured out what worked for me. Good luck!
  10. thatsthekeyRNC

    What makes Kaplan successful

    Like the previous poster, I agree that everything being familiar reduced my test anxiety SO MUCH, I was completely comfortable taking the test just because it was familiar (isn't that funny? haha). Some of the strategies were helpful and made me look at questions in different ways, but their practice questions are GOLD. Every time I took an exam I would go through the rationales and write down little notes/facts or I would look up things I really didn't understand in my Saunders book.
  11. thatsthekeyRNC


    I haven't seen stat locks used at all! We change TPN every 24 hours -- all bags and all tubing. Lipids & tubing are changed every 12 hours!
  12. thatsthekeyRNC

    Study Resources for Certification and/or NICU Newbies

    I'm a newbie and this is what my educator told me, to focus on Merenstein because they give more "why" and "how". She recommended core curriculum down the road to study for certification. So 4 weeks in, I've dabbled in Merenstein and good ole google!
  13. thatsthekeyRNC

    Visitation during handoff

    Closed 6:30-7:30!
  14. thatsthekeyRNC

    certifications for BSN new grads: BCLS, ACLS, BART..etc

    I would look around at jobs you would want and see if they require any of these certifications and those would be the first to pursue! For instance, my job REQUIRED NRP before interviewing. Some positions include the training in orientation, but hospitals can be picky now :-/. I also have ACLS and PALS because I wanted to be able to market myself in other areas if necessary, but they do not apply to my position now. Great learning experiences, but I will probably not be renewing them. EKG and pharmacology cert is great to do before ACLS, I would not have been able to participate without it. If you want to do SOMETHING, I would say ACLS.
  15. thatsthekeyRNC

    First RN job & it's pay

    central NJ $30/hour base
  16. thatsthekeyRNC

    NCLEX RN higher level questions

    1-3 are all content, I believe, 4 & 5 are a mix, and 6 & 7 are all higher level (as far as my teacher said!). The Kaplan Q-bank is supposedly all higher level questions. I don't know anything about NCSBN though!