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Being a born again believer in The Lord Jesus Christ, has been good for me. I am a nurse, and every nurse may at some time or other experienced the frustrations, stresses, dissatisfaction, that is experienced by many nurses. Despite it all, I just love nursing. I love to see when my intervention make someone happy. I love to make patient or people in general feel important. When I smile to people, i love the way they respond. The joy I see on their faces makes it very rewarding, even when it seemed that they are angry. I have come to understand how to treat others with kindness even when they may be rude or unfriendly. You may ask, Why? My relationship with the Lord has made it all possible. I just finished studying for my Bachelors Science in Nursing, and I must say, without my solid foundation. I would have been pulling my hair out. I remained positive, while at the same time encouraged other nurses to look on the bright side. I firmly believe, having a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ will make one a better nurse, because of the love, compassion, empathy, understanding, calmness, and seeing people as unique human beings. All these can be yours when one accepts the Lord in ones life.You want to be a better nurse? Trust in the Lord!

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While your beliefs work well for you personally, it is quite presumptuous to state that belief in a specific deity makes someone a better nurse.


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Hi emtbzrn

I am so happy you responded. Truly, it is a fact not shared by me alone, that knowing God, indeed can make one a better person, or a better nurse. i have heard testimonies from different people who have tried to go through life on there own efforts, only to experience the difficulties which made life not so joyful. One only has to experience the joy of Knowing God to understand where I am coming blessed.

You can have all those great qualities and not believe in god. I've met some of the most horrid people who were devout church goers and some great people. Just like I've met some non believers on both sides of the fence. Believing in god isn't what makes you a good person same as not believing makes you a bad one


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Hi Floridanurse1983

I appreciate your comment. Yes, you can have great qualities and not believe in God. Have you ever wondered why some people are horrid and still have good qualities? On the other hand, some people who are devout church goers have some questionable qualities? Simply put, our flesh is sinful. We are naturally sinners, not because we commit sin, but it's because we were all conceived in sin. That is where The Lord Jesus Christ come in and made a difference in peoples lives. We now are able to see who we are, and realized that no one is good in the eyes of God.The Lord is the only person who can change our sinful situation. His blood he shed on the cross was just for that purpose. Anyone who will accept the Lord into their lives will experience a change in their whole being.

No that's where your own choices come in to play

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You can hold whatever beliefs you want but to imply that you cannot be a good nurse without God is insulting.

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I don't think they mean to be insulting they are sharing their personal experience on what has been good for them. I can appreciate how personal beliefs helps them be a better person.

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Well maybe insulting isn"t the word I was looking for. I just mean that it possible to have love, compassion,empathy, calmness without involving religion.


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I don't think there's hardly anyone who isn't familiar with the Christian talking points, so it's really unnecessary to describe Christian faith in detail hoping to convert anyone. It is more likely incite negative views rather than the intended purpose.

But anyways, I am very happy for you!

For me, life is so good and beautiful even though it has nothing to do with centering on anything.

While I am happy that you have found a peace and love in being Christian, I would like to ask that you respect that others can be happy, peaceful, and excellent nurses without being Christian.

I'd also caution against testifying. I know it us what your religion commands, but it is not appropriate for the workplace.


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I don't think they mean to be insulting they are sharing their personal experience on what has been good for them. I can appreciate how personal beliefs helps them be a better person.

The post intimates that anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus can't be as good a nurse as a believer does. Not only is it insulting, it's just flat wrong. If religion helped the OP through school, terrific. But holding specific religious beliefs doesn't make one "nursier than thou."

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