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  1. floridanurse1983

    Home births gone wrong

    My mom wanted to have me at home. Completely uncomplicated pregnancy and assumed birth would be too. Had arraignments made and everything. Then her friend panicked when she started contracting and talked my mom into the hospital. I ended up being a severely prolapsed cord delivery. So much that I almost died with an emergency c-section done pronto. If she had stayed home, I'd be dead. I don't get crying and hand wringing over a c-section and deviation from a "birth plan". You can't plan a birth. That's like trying to plan an accident. Things come up and you change, adapt, and deal.
  2. floridanurse1983

    Home births gone wrong

    I don't get the anti c-section movement. If it's needed, it's needed. Just suck it up and do it!
  3. floridanurse1983

    Does God Make Mistakes?

    I can. When watch a 97 year old with terminal cancer, end stage COPD, and end stage CHF get her chest caved in and the family is screaming to do everything, yes I judge. In my head, not to them of course. And I judge the ones who rescind their family members own DNR for selfish reasons. I actually heard someone rescind it because they argued with their dad and they want him to live to make it right. I've been there. I made the decision and it was hard. But it can be done.
  4. floridanurse1983

    I don't want to be a nurse!!

    Good god. You're an adult. Do what you want to do. Nursing is hard, even when you want it badly. If I didn't want to be a nurse and I did my job, I'd hate life and want to die lol.
  5. And a couple of needle blood draws never killed anyone either. Good god, super nurse. Take it back a bit.
  6. floridanurse1983

    I don't get the "anxiety" part of nursing

    Maybe some of us get the gravity of the situation we are in. The ones who aren't anxious are usually the ones who mess crap up all the time in my experience.
  7. floridanurse1983

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    "Sick leave" is not ruining healthcare. There are some days to avoid being you, I need an extra day off to rest. Not often, but does occur now and again. Its management's job to account for that and have a back up plan. And maybe if the work environment wasn't so toxic and we weren't ran ragged, maybe we wouldn't need those days at all. It's the environment, poor management, and corporate greed that's killing healthcare.
  8. floridanurse1983

    WANTED: Your Personal Stories About Abusive Relationships

    I think nurses deal with abuse because it's in our nature to see the good in people and try to "fix" them. That's part of who we are. And hearing the abuser that's apologetic and says they love you and are hurting makes us want to ease their pain. Even though we know it's part of the cycle, we don't want to cause pain to them. I think it takes a lot for a nurse to throw in the towel and say they don't care about the others feelings and aren't coming back.
  9. floridanurse1983

    Organ Donation Organization Unethical

    When else would you like it done? Time is life. And they'll be grieving for months. So, please explain when you think an appropriate time would be? If we waited until grieving was done, we'd never have any viable organs for donation!
  10. floridanurse1983

    when you feel creeped out

    In my job, you tell them it's inappropriate and go about your day. If it doesn't stop, it doesn't. We suck it up and do what's gotta be done.
  11. floridanurse1983

    I Hate People (my rant)

    Wow. A person who hates people, is fascinated by our internal organs, and can put up a mask and act like you like people? You sound like a serial killer.
  12. floridanurse1983

    switch from medical school to nursing?

    Stay in school and quit your wife. Jeez!!
  13. floridanurse1983

    New Grad RN... is this patient load safe?

    Yeah it's fine. I had 5 high acuity PCU pts with no aide the whole night as a new grad.
  14. floridanurse1983

    WHY do so many people hate nursing? Sigh.

    I love nursing. I hate the policies and bs that goes along with it. "Here's five new forms to fill out but don't get overtime". "Don't check all the core measures(on critical pts I might add. They have all the damn core measures) each shift you're getting written up" then get asked "Why are you still here? No overtime". Let's shift all the pts to different rooms at shift change so you can get an admit at shift change. That's the crap that makes my job suck. And it's every night. Got floated last night at 2330. Had to chart on the 3 pts I started with, the 5 I got on the new floor, and my er admit. So 9 pts including an admission. That's kills me
  15. floridanurse1983

    I give in, I'm a COB

    Jul 13 by Ruby Vee, BSN, RN Quote from OCNRN63 I don't know that there's a specific number, but certainly a whole lot more than one or two. IMO, anyone who has more than 20 years...no brainer. I think if you have at least ten years of exp., you are well on your way to being a COB. If you've been a nurse more than half your life, then you are in an elite group of COBs. >() I've been a nurse 2/3 of my life. I wonder what that makes me. A legit straight up superhero? Or saint? I don't know if I could do 40 years on the floor without having a complete meltdown one day lol.