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tokebi has 11 years experience and specializes in Hem/Onc/BMT.

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  1. Sickle Cell Disease!

    It depends on the degree of genetic defect. Normal hemoglobin is made up of four "subunit" proteins -- two alpha units and two beta units. With sickle cell gene, the beta units are defective and has wrong combination of amino acids that will result ...
  2. Area of nursing with greatest amount of vomit

    It's totally a parody of the other post. The title is exactly the same except "most" instead of "least." If someone has a fetish of vomit, I highly recommend oncology!
  3. how to study for OCN in march 2015

    Here's the amazon listing of the study guide: Study Guide for the Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing: 9780721603599: Medicine & Health Science Books @ You'll also see the Core Curriculum under "related materials." Like I mentioned, ...
  4. how to study for OCN in march 2015

    Hi Drcricket, I took OCN exam last year. I studied from both Core Curriculum by ONS and the study guide (with questions.) Core Curriculum is a nice book to have although I felt some information is outdated. The most helpful preparation in my opinion ...
  5. Hello all! I will be teaching the immune system portion of review class offered at my hospital. Immunology is my passion but... I haven't actually taken med-surg certification exam (I'm an OCN.) The content I inherited goes over HIV, SLE, RA and alle...
  6. worth the debt? Im stuck on this decision...)

    My opinion is complete opposite. You already have a debt of $45k. You say the program will cost you additional $35k even after getting financial aid. And then you still need living costs. When you are done, you''l be left with $80k plus in debt with...
  7. Should I go to school to become a nurse or PA?

    Whether you pursue nursing or PA depends on which model of care you want to provide -- nursing model or medical model? Don't settle on one or the other because of convenience or cost or prestige. Really think about this one. With that said, if you ch...
  8. False Facebook Health Messages

    Problem is, even the perfectly intelligent people will believe the stupidest BS when they are desperate. And hearing stuff like "eating this fruit every day will cure cancer" seems like a certain, immediate answer they crave than a physician's long l...
  9. Scrub the Hub

    This is why I suggest developing a more mature perspective. I have no intention of going tit for tat, so I'll just stop there. OP, none of us meant to make you feel worse about making that one mistake. We all make a mistake, it's true. When it comes...
  10. Scrub the Hub

    Sorry, I work BMT where patients walk the fine line between recovery and fatal sepsis daily with zero neutrophil count, where nurses absolutely have to be neurotic neat freaks so that our patients do not end up in ICU or even DEAD in the first place,...
  11. Scrub the Hub

    How funny, I was going to comment how I don't forget to swab just as I never forget to put on my pants before walking out of my house. You beat me to it with the "pants" analogy! Yes, it should be a completely ingrained part of the routine. But some...
  12. Do you know the reason? We are taught to draw from PICCs using vacutainers. I once had a pt who was an RN working in another state request that I draw her labs using a syringe. I wondered if she was just being paranoid or if there really was a safety...
  13. drug computation.. help!

    If you're certain you copied it correctly, then the only explanation is that you've got a crappy book full of typos. For the first question, maybe option D is supposed to be 4/3 tabs instead of 3/4. 1.3 is approximately one and a third (=4/3). For th...
  14. Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

    In our hem/onc floor, many long-term stay transplant patients have a family member or a friend camp out 24/7 at the bedside. It does get cramped in the already small room, and I do get tired of the obstacle course nursing, and yes family members can ...
  15. Evolution and Nursing

    At the risk of stirring the pot even further, this news came out just in time for this discussion: Poll: Religion Trumps Belief in Big Bang Theory for Most Americans - NBC News