Launch of New Responsive Mobile Design


Mobile traffic to allnurses is currently at 49% (when compared to overall traffic totals).

To accommodate our mobile users, we will be launching a responsive mobile (for tablets/smartphones) design this Saturday morning, March 15. Saturday is the slowest traffic day for the site, so this will make it easier. We are not expecting any down-time as the launch will occur instantaneously.

Basically, will adapt to your mobile device viewport width. This means that some features will not be available when on mobile. For example, the sidebar will no longer be visible. The header/footer will be completely different, etc.

Some features will not be available on the mobile app. Quoting option (Quote / Multi-Quote) is no longer available on first post. Quoting long text makes mobile experience unbearable when there are too many quotes on the page.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulties.

NOTE: At times you may need to clear your cache.

Attached are some screen shots of what you can expect.

Trauma Columnist

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN

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Very nice - can't wait. I usually view AN from my ipad mini or macbook air.



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Wow! This is a very excellent development. Thanks a lot.

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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this will be great for our mobile users!

Hoosier_RN, MSN

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I like it!

BrandonLPN, LPN

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Is there a "go to full site" option for us ipad users who prefer the full site over the mobile site?


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Don't know about iPad, but I am able to go to the desktop mode on my android phone. BTW, I prefer the desktop mode and wish there were a way I could set the site on desktop permanently.

Editorial Team / Admin

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Another vote for a full site option.

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How do I turn this off?? I have never had any problems when viewing the desktop site on both my iPhone and iPad and now I feel like I can't see anything!

Editorial Team / Admin

Joe V

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Sorry, there will not be a 'switch' for full site.

Your constructive feedback is REALLY HELPFUL. We are continually tweaking the design based on feedback / collected data.

Next on the list is to improve overall mobile loading time across the world.

BrandonLPN, LPN

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I don't know if other mobile users have this problem, but I seem to be unable to pick a specific page (like page 7 or something) of a thread when I am on the mobile site. I either click on 'Next'/'Prev' one page at a time, or I can go directly to to the last page by clicking that little down arrow button.

With threads that have gone on for dozens of pages, this makes getting to a specific page in the middle of a thread a chore.

Editorial Team / Admin

Joe V

10 Articles; 2,485 Posts

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Yes, the Next/Prev is available on phone devices -- there's just no room to add "pages" on phones.

I did make a change so that "pages" are displayed on tablets.

The down arrow will take you to the Last Unread message.