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To love a cat person is to love cats.


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i don't know much about tiny little kittens, but bless you. i have 9, (i know call the looney wagon STAT) adult kitties. what about a foster kitty mama for this cat? i know it happens sometimes, but i don't know how feasible that is. maybe there's a mama at the spca or something. best of luck to you.


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we are back from the vet. they say she(oh no not another one) is maybe one week old. lots of flea dirt but otherwise healthy.the vet asked her name and i said im not keeping her but that too shall probably change. i think i'll call her

pissante which should be french for oh no she peed on me again!

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HOney I would call the vet ASAP and ask them what you can do to be sure. Everytime I have done something like that the animal quickly.


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I see you already did........................for some reason I am not getting posts or being able to access the club like I usually do for some reason. keeps saying notify the webmaster.........invalid links.....



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My husband "rescued" three little kittens from the dumpster at his office. Eyes closed, crawled, so darn tiny and helpless. My mom works at the local SPCA so we got the scoop - much like what you have been told here. We put them in a big rubbermaid container with a little cut-down shoe box with a little litter in it, wrapped a warm hot water bottle with a towel, and lots of extra towels to make a bed. We fed them milk replacer with a tiny bottle every two hours (sleepless nights! Like having a kid) and during the day I took them to work in the box (worked in an office. I would talk on the phone with a kitten on my lap, bottle feeding). After each meal, we would use a damp cloth to give them each a "bath", like mom would do, then place them in the little litter box. They soon got the idea.

They become big very fast, and I was never sure when to wean them off the formula. I started mixing it thicker and putting it in a dish (which they LOVED to stand in and then leave little white footprints all over the tile). I started kitten chow the day the smallest one climbed up the side of my Older cat's bowl, stuck her head in it and started to chow down!

Good luck. We always said we would find a good home for ours - I guess we did. They are all asleep on my bed right now. FIVE CATS!!!!


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Originally posted by FullMoonMadness

the little thing dosn't seem to want to poop. Hopefully the vet will be able to

:chuckle :chuckle


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Originally posted by FullMoonMadness

I know this has nothing to do with nursing. My husband rescued a kitten,very small,eyes still closed from under our house. The mama got hit by a car and we looked for others but couldn't find them. We are bottle feeding it every 2 hours since around 11 pm Saturday night(my own kids didnt have that kind of schedule).Does anyone have any experience with this.My other animals are very jealous but i guess thats to be expected. should I be doing anything special that I dont know about? Thanks for your repplies.(sp)

I have raised a kitten that lost it's mother before his eyes were open...He will be 22 in October......I got a special formula from the vet-and rubbed his abdomen after each feeding as someone else suggested...I kept a hot water bottle in the box with him for the first few weeks...He was so small that I had to make steps up to the litter pan when he first started using it..Good Luck-he will bondstrongly with you and be your best friend for the rest of his life....


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Originally posted by FullMoonMadness

Thanks for the response.I have an appointment at the vets this afternoons.

Vettech; i have been doing this as you suggested,but the little thing dosn't seem to want to poop. Hopefully the vet will be able to. My friend just came over and i told her the kitten had a cold since it was sneezing she said"its not sneezing its constipated and its spitting at you". ah such is the joy of surrogate motherhood. Ill keep you posted

Is that why they spit? I've always wondered why they do that.:eek:


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I found a damp cotton ball worked very well for stimulation. We two rescued animals and ended up with 10 cats in no time at all.

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What about finding a surrogate mother kittie? Do you know anyone with a nursing mother cat?

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I'm sure you'll look back fondly at the time you actualy encouraged the little brown pudding monster to have a bowel movement.:eek:

Better find out if it's a female before you go rubbing both orifices with the same warm moist washcloth. I don't think the little furniture mangler you have there will drink cranberry juice.

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