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I'm so sorry s/he died, I know we all get so attached to our furry ones. We rescued four kittens three years ago: bottle-fed q 3-4 hr, stroked with damp washcloth, etc. One died after the first week in spite of all we did. We still think of him as ours (even named him), and our kids still talk about him and what he would have been like . . . I'm so glad yours had your good-hearted and kind care for as long a s/he did. Bless you.:o :saint:


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So sorry to hear of your loss, but you did everything you could. Your a caring and warm person. Could use more of you in this world of ours.


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Originally posted by shabookitty

:sniff: I am so sorry to hear the news...the world is blessed by having someone like you...many folks wouldn't have even tried. At least pissante was "named" and 100% cared for by you guys. That's an animals dream come true. :o

My thoughts exactly.


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i'm very sorry to hear the poor little thing didn't make it...just remember...if not for you it wouldn't have had a chance at all...don't let this sour you on ever trying again should the need arise...

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I used Tiger's Milk in a doll's baby bottle with my little "foster kitten", now a big grown-up cat of 9 1/2. You do have to stimulate them every few hours so they can eliminate, though. By the time yours is 2-3 weeks old she'll be able to do it herself. Best of luck to you and your new "baby"---don't forget to tell us what name you settle on.


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Hum Good luck. I hope you found this Kitty on its first of nine lives!

You have received a lot of good advice....the only thing I would add is instead of using paper towels to stimulate the kittens to urinate and go to the bathroom we used warmed cotton balls. The vet told us to also stoke the stomach with the warm cottons balls and that they would also be helpful in grooming the kitten.

Also, the vet told us just how many cc's of kitten replacer milk we should give at any time with the dropper or syringe. There are some really neat curved tip syringes too. The vet may have some.

Lastly we kept a heating pad with several layers of towels on top to help keep the kittens (we had 4, long story) warm..we put the heating pad in a kitty condo, one of the triangular shaped one...we called it the tower of power.

Those were the most affectionate kittens I've ever had and I hated to give them away.....but have to make room for more.

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