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  1. kittyw

    New testing policy

    Yea, but the cheating that is common in school is also inappropriate. You get as much respect as you earn (not directing this statement to anyone in particular but in general.) :)
  2. kittyw

    Cheating In School

    What I really hate are those that mention the cheating getting called tattletails and such by those cheating. :rolleyes I don't know how people get caught sometimes as I'm just too focused to notice anything while I'm taking a test. The definition of cheating is established by the honor code in that school. We're allowed to share lecture notes, rewatch the class cd's, get notes from last year. We don't have copies of last year's tests as they are done online. Kitty
  3. kittyw

    The first time

  4. 19. Always look in the oven before you turn it on. Plastic toys do not like ovens. .... 25. It takes 3 seconds to put out a plastic toy oven fire, and 10 hours to clear out the smoke with all fans running and all windows open. :)
  5. kittyw

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

  6. kittyw

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    I've watched people slowly (over days) bleed to death. Very sad.
  7. kittyw

    Let's talk about acrylic nails ...

    There were research studies about false nails. Not just one single incident. There are other ways to "thump an air bubble out of a syringe" that don't involve using your nails.
  8. kittyw

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Never mind. :) You went back and found it.
  9. kittyw

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    leeca - How about instead of post after post of you're wrong, why don't you tell us what is right? Take this as a time to teach us instead of just telling everyone else that they are wrong. Kitty
  10. kittyw

    Let's talk about acrylic nails ...

    SC RN - If you don't take a multivitamin, you may consider starting one. Also, if you use nailpolish or some sort of hardener when you don't have fake nails, you may want to try to go without it for a while. Your nails may be sensitive to some of the chemicals in them, so instead of improving your nails they may actually make your nails weak and brittle.
  11. How about a shrivel up and fall off pill? (Of course it would be selectively administered & to no one on this board.)
  12. Posted twice ... beat the 60 sec rule! What ever happened to politeness?
  13. kittyw

    Waking resident to give pain injection?

    Let's see.... we want to wake someone who is sleeping well to give them a painful pain shot..... Definately advocate for some other method. I bet a little family teaching would go a long way. If this is long term, patches or a sustained release pain med would be better. Short term - a hep lock and an IV push med would work too. I would think that anything would be better than an IM shot.
  14. kittyw

    Wellbutrin question...

    You all are going to think I'm nuts. .... but I had TMJ pain that was alleviated with wellbutrin. :uhoh21:
  15. kittyw

    Wellbutrin question...

    I don't have enough info from what you gave us to say whether or not the doc made a quick judgement. Perhaps he knows a lot more than you told us. Make sure you are eating correctly, getting enough sleep, and working out. You have to ask yourself if you aren't feeling right and need some professional help. (or if everyone else says you're not yourself) If so, then go to your PCP - you never know if your thyroid is malfunctioning, if you're anemic, or if there is something else that is wrong. If those test come back normal, then talk to a psychiatrist (if your insurance will allow). There is no shame in taking meds for depression, but you want to make sure you're treating the cause of the depression. OH, one other thing, if you do end up on Wellbutrin - if the provider doesn't suggest starting slow (50mg for a few days, then 100 for a few days,...) then ask him/her about doing that. It helps minimize the side effects, and the dosage you need may be different than what they prescribe. You may function just fine with a lower dosage. My bf's stepmom functions best on 100mg, and her first psychiatrist started her at 250mg. Needless to say she couldn't handle that amount at all. But by stopping the med, starting over at 50mg, and slowly increasing to 100mg she was able to alleviate her symptoms without medication side effects.

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