Just took NCLEX RN, stopped at 265!!


Hi everyone!! I just got done with the NCLEX RN and it ended at the full 265 questions. I thought it was never going to end! The first time I took it I stopped at 75 and failed. The suspense is killing me! #263 was a priority question, #264 was a SATA about abuse and the last question was what a 7month old would do! Any advice would be awesome and much appreciated.

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The number of questions you receive does not indicate if you have passed or failed. At this point try to keep busy to keep your mind off of the exam. Thinking about what questions you got right or wrong will not help you.

Try to keep busy until your results come in, best wishes.


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What advice can we give? The test is over there is nothing to until the results are out. Now this isn't necessarily directed at you, but why don't people search for similar topics? There are TONS of 265 NCLEX posts that are all exactly the same. Maybe reading them and seeing the outcomes will help. I personally got all questions and passed. Good luck.


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There's really nothing anyone CAN tell you, except maybe one thing: the first time you took the exam, the computer could determine you were not competent very quickly, in the minimum number of questions.

THIS time, getting all 265 means you were on the fence most if not the entire time.....which is a step UP from last time. THIS time, you've got a decent shot at it! It gave you the maximum opportunity to prove competency so that's a good thing.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the responses! I find out tomorrow morning. I am hoping for the best.


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So.....Kansas? You ok out there?

I did the 48 hour quick results and I passed!!! I was sure I failed, such a relief! I dropped to the floor when I saw PASS. For all the future nurses out there, never give up. The first time I failed and I thought it was the end of the world. You CAN do it and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. We all got through nursing school for a reason!

The first time around I did just Kaplan. I did all QT's and the entire Q Bank. My scores ranged from 50-70%. I feel like Kaplan didn't work for me and I was rushed all the time. I felt like the decision tree that they taught didn't help me either on the actual test.

The second time around I used the PDA 3rd edition by La Charity. This helped me so much with priority questions!!! I also used the NCSBN 5 week review online and let me tell you...this was the best thing I have ever done. The questions they provided were just like questions on the NCLEX. I felt the style was almost identical. I retested 45 days exactly after I failed too. I had a pity party for three days after I failed but then got motivated to pass this horrible test. I hope this helps and if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask :)


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Congrats!! I took my nclex-rn 3 weeks ago and I also had 265 questions. I thought I failed forsure because I got the last question wrong (I googled it as soon as I got home from the exam). Then a few days later quick results said PASS and I couldn't believe it! Glad this test is over with!


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Congrats! It's funny how we got the same 265 questions with the same format of the last 3 question! the only difference is you Pass but I failed :no: