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xxsunshineBellaxx's Latest Activity

  1. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Help: how to goggle trainer 6 and 7 out? Thanks

    You can find some of the trainers on quizlet.com. I believe 6&7 are on there too.
  2. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Exam on Monday

    Wish you the best!!
  3. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Quick Results on weekends

    Your quick results should be out now. Did you check?
  4. xxsunshineBellaxx

    NCLEX RN tomorrow!

    How was your exam JP... mine is coming up soon... cant wait to be done with this thing called the NCLEX ugh
  5. Yes, the weekend does count as your 48 hours
  6. Check your BON if your license is available or at this point I would call Pearson Vue and ask them what is going on
  7. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Kaplan Qbank - harder, easier or about the same as the NCLEX?

    At the end of the day, I feel like as long you review them and understand why you got certain answers wrong, you should be fine.
  8. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Nclex tomorrow! My anxiety level is going up!

    oh ok! Wish you the best! I'm sure you did well!!
  9. xxsunshineBellaxx

    pearson vue trick

  10. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Nclex tomorrow! My anxiety level is going up!

    If you took it on friday your quick results should be out by now.
  11. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Took Nclex today

    @Fusion what other resources did you use to study for the test apart from Kaplan? I've been trying to use the decision tree but its not really working much for me, I end up doing my own critical thinking while answering the question. I studied about half of the content book... and I do see a difference while answering the questions, I'm not having a hard time like before.
  12. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Took Nclex today

    yay congrats!!!!!!!
  13. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Took Nclex today

    Ultra did you end up finding your results?
  14. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Oct 1, 2014 NCLEX

    According to Kaplan, as long as the question is an above the passing standard question, whether you got it right or wrong, you still passed!
  15. xxsunshineBellaxx

    Take my Nclex tomorrow

    How was your nclex? Fill us in
  16. xxsunshineBellaxx

    NCLEX pearson vue trick

    Just wait for the quick results tomorrow!

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