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i have just recieved a dui in california,,am i in big trouble with licensing?

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does any one know if california board of rn is going to suspend my license for a dui?

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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You'll have to own up to it when you renew your nursing license, if not before. The thing is to be absolutely honest about it, and show that you're working toward the goal of not ever allowing this to happen again.

Good luck.

Better get a lawyer.

RainDreamer, BSN, RN

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I second the suggestion to get a lawyer. This is just another reason to carry your own malpractice insurance. even if the carrier cannot help with this particular problem, they will have a list of lawyers you can work with.


I can't imagine how scared you must be right now........but hopefully others that do drink and drive will learn from your very costly lesson. I hope things turn out the way you would like.

Nurses have zero idea of what dealing with the board is really like unless they are in up to their neck with it.

The most important things to know when dealing with the boards are:

1.Do not say anything to any state board employee, or investigator without saying it through the mouth of your attorney.

2.Do not write anything to the state board about anything unless it is word for word approved by your attorney.

3. Do not let fear and procrastination push you to do things at the last minute, it will work against you in the end. Start working on your own case now.

4. Never forget: The board is nearly impossible to deal with: they are not your understanding types, and they are not your friends.

5.You must find out what your chance of success or failure is and weigh that against the amount of money you will want to spend.

6. learn to meditate, or do yoga or take up prayer, b/c you're gonna need it!

do not sign anything for the state board investigations without express approval of your attorney, b/c if you do, you will regret it in the end! exercise that legal right to have the opinon of your attorney.

why are there not classes available for nurses in nurses school about how state boards operate?

I have the same problem. I always have some else drive if i drink. On New Years Eve, my friends and I went to a Night Club that was half a mile away from my room, and i called 3 different taxis none could pick me up at the time so we walked it.

Last week I made i huge mistake, i drove...and got pulled over. I am a Emergency Nurse, so that makes much worse since i see these type of case often, i feel so depressed at the moment, i really dont know what to do, i hired a lawyer that has 10 plus years working with RN and DUIs' so I hope the BRN doesnt revoke or suspend my license. I really need to work. I havent gone to court yet, but everytime I clock in to work i feel so down, like i dont belong here anymore. I know that I am fighting a losing battle with the court and there a small chance that they will reduce the citation to non-dui status.I feel so bad that i cant even look my coworkers eye to eye right now.

1. I need to know how i can report this to the BRN, via email, phone or letter?

2. I am about to start my bsn program this month, should i just wait.?

3. What are my options regarding the Diversion Program, I dont want to attend this program. If I dont am I going to lose my License, point is i cant stop working for that long.

Thank you for reading.

Thunderwolf, MSN, RN

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Moving thread to General Nursing Discussion forum.

I haven't had to deal with boards but IMO if you just notify them via certified letter or whatever, I don't think they will suspend you.

Mind you, when I notified them I would ALSO be quick to add that I was enrolled in ________ ("X" support group or therapy, anti-drinking support group), already working on prevention against a second time.

Good Luck.

I have no advice for the OP except, PLEASE don't EVER Drink and get behind the wheel of your car again! I hope that you are thankful that you did not kill an innocent person or family or yourself for that matter! I am sorry, but it makes my blood boil to think that people are doing this when I am on the road with my two young Children. Best wishes to the OP I hope that everything turns out ok with your license.

does any one know if california board of rn is going to suspend my license for a dui?

It's going to be rough and hopefully you don't have to lose your career because of this one poor choice. Try to just be thankful you live in the USA- in Canada (and probably a lot of other countries) DUI is a felony- your license would be less of a concern than how much time you had to spend in prison. At least this country gives you a second chance. :icon_hug:

Also- as a previous poster pointed out- get a lawyer now, not only for your DUI case but also the BON. Always remember the Board is not there to help and support nurses- they exist to protect the public FROM ("bad"/impaired) nurses.

Dalzac, LPN, LVN, RN

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For those of you that have this reoccuring problem...You have a bigger problem than the board going on. I would suggest looking at your drinking history and check out the Alcholics Anonymous site

RazorbackRN, BSN, RN

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I sure hope this is not where your concerns end.

Drinking and driving is not smart.

"4. Never forget: The board is nearly impossible to deal with: they are not your understanding types, and they are not your friends."

Hmmm.....not so sure how I feel about that one. My friend had NINE felony convictions, drug related, used to be a prostitute...but turned her life around and decided to go for NS. She first had to go before the board to get her CNA. They approved that....but she had to go in front of a panel. I would say it is too much a sweeping generalization that they are not the "understanding types." You never know.

I would continue on with your schooling, but get a lawyer for SURE.



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I don't mean to scare you but, I know a DUI in california is serious. I work in home health and a fellow RN was fired for having a DUI as soon as the agency found out. I think you should get a consultation with an attorney. Have you looked at the california board of nursing website?


I don't believe the OP stated that she had a problem with alcohol. Quite an assumption that she would need Alcoholics Anonymous.

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