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  1. just have to tell you guys this story

    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle .......Now...that is funny!!!!
  2. imposter nurse????

    Photos on the license, a great idea. If not the next best thing is the "chip" thanks, I dont want to be scanned like a can of peas!!!!!
  3. Aging

    In a closed secure unit, we had a combative with very long finger nails. She would dig everyone she could reach. One day her RN said I need help holding her steady so I can cut her nails. Well, four of us eventually ended up in that room, attempti...
  4. Pic N Save

    I always arrived early for work. I would eat in the cafe with housekeeping b/c I liked them but staff looked down on them. Matter of fact, when staff found out I did that the come back was........"You eat with them!" Anyway, so after my meal I went...
  5. scoliosis-lifting

    I have had scoliosis for over 40 years........I became a CNA but could not raise my two children on those wages so I went into construction. I have three curves......I was a paver, mason tender, dug ditches, etc. Sometimes I overdue and cant stand ...
  6. trouble stayng slim when in nursing school you all beat! I put on the weight FIRST!!!!!! Just thinking about going back to school and the M&M's flew off the store shelves!! Has a pumpkin ever graduated nursing school?
  7. Sorry Jim but I think you mis-understand......the question was from the stand point of "CNA basic nursing"..........if this is the low man on the totem pole, then this is the basic patient care, is it not. And Jim I am sure you are a professional th...
  8. Well, I didnt think of it like that but it's not enough to turn me from the idea. I too, will have to do it this way but because I want to. I want to have as much knowledge as possible before I take care of anyone's loved one.
  9. Okay, please dont take my head off......but I hear/see so many students/new nurses regret the career path for whatever the reason maybe. My question is......Should all future nurses be required by law to have at least one year as a CNA before being ...
  10. What are the responsibilities of an LPN?

    I guess I asked a stupid question. But I was certified in '83, lots have changed since then. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to a question that may be obvious to everyone else but me. :sofahider
  11. Problem CNAs on night shift

    I personally would leave that job in a heartbeat. If you have an administrator bringing in wine for a staff that is legally/solely responsible for the well-being of people's lives it sounds like trouble to me. And I might add if you have CNA's that...
  12. I can't tell you where you will find your part of the earth for a decent price but you wont find it here in Maine. The best advice I can give you is to look for foreclosures. It is sad to benefit from others pain but if the opportunity is there.......
  13. lpn being mistreated

    Your strengths could be her insecurities.
  14. Getting frustrated with lack of employment ops

    No Fiona59, I was not referring to you.
  15. I have been a CNA for years (now expired). I have worked with few LPN's except in LTC but that was years ago. I want to start again but this time on an LPN level but so many things have changed.......I dont know what they do anymore. When I was a...