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Just got my ATT today & am freaking out!!!!

lizzy18 lizzy18 (New) New

The reality of taking the nclex just set in for me today. I am a bit overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I just finished the kaplan course and i still don't feel confident enough to take the test. I am taking the test by the end of June. Any suggestions, ideas or recommendations will be appreciated.

Thank you allnurses family!!

Either get it together for the end of June or reschedule. But either way you need to get hold of yourself. You are wasting time and energy by worrying about it. Good luck.

Stay relaxed and focus on the topics that you think you're weak.Goodluck.


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I got my ATT code last week.....and I was freaking out to the point that I did not want to pick a date to take the test but I finally got myself to together. I have a good study plan mapped out that I pray will work for me. I picked the date of July 19th, that will get me tons of time to study and I can always reschedule if I feel I am ready earlier (if a date is open of course). I am just trying to study hard and stay positive. My positive statement that I will try to tell myself everyday is "I will pass the NCLEX-RN, no 4 letter "F" words." Good Luck with your studying.


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Practice questions, relax, focus and be consistent on your review and you will do great on your test, Worrying leads to nothing.. :) Good luck and I wish you do good!!


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Goodluck hun! Make the most of your time remaining. I felt the same way and I was just freaking out whether I'm ready or not yet. Just like Caliotter3 said, if you are not ready then reschedule. Don't rush and don't waste your time worrying about it. I hope you do good :)

This is what you have been working so hard for. get a study plan goin for you and stick to it. if you still feel you are not ready then you have the option to reschedule. Try not to stress. i know that is easier said than done. Study a day at a time. Good Luck to you and keep us informed

You can do it. Stay positive. Focus and pray :lol2:

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I just got my ATT today too, and my heart just sank. Like you the reality really set in and now I am ready to focus on the task at hand. I will beging with the areas I am most weak in and go from there. July 1st will be my date. And good luck to you.

now you have to focus,start answering 75 or m0re questions a day, pray every day and go to church for mass (trust me prayers will help) then perhaps 3 days before the exam dont read or have practice test anymore, you should be relaxing by that time. you can go out and unwind. Then go for the kill at your exam day! Conquer it! its yours! :D

I got my ATT today and set a date 11 days forward to take the test. I have barely done any studying since graduating a month ago; I am hoping that the imminence of the test will encourage me to study! But I am not nervous.


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