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  1. xterpogz

    Probably something I should know but....

    BOTH. Goodluck!
  2. xterpogz

    What motivates you to pass NCLEX?

    Mainly my Family. Passing NCLEX is like a dream come true :)
  3. xterpogz

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    WORKED FOR ME. I took last March 25,2010.
  4. xterpogz

    I Passed NCLEX. I'm an RN.

  5. xterpogz

    feeling happy, passed NCLEX in first attempt

  6. xterpogz

    stressed out,, need help from all of u ,

    Be confident. You can do it. Good luck!
  7. xterpogz

    Just got my ATT today & am freaking out!!!!

    Stay relaxed and focus on the topics that you think you're weak.Goodluck.
  8. xterpogz

    I passed the RN NCLEX!

  9. xterpogz

    Practice test scores correlate with passing NCLEX?

    Wow congrats!!!
  10. xterpogz

    thank you

    Good luck! You can do it!!
  11. xterpogz

    I know that I was not ready to take NCLEX, but...

    Wait for your official results. Good luck and be optimistic.
  12. xterpogz

    Nclex-rn/SATA ???

    Try answering NCLEX 4000's SATA. Almost the same as NCLEX. I had 8 SATAS and to tell you the truth, it is easier than multiple choice. The choices are quite easy and common. Practice a lot of SATA questions. Good luck.
  13. xterpogz

    I Passed ! A Bittersweet Victory !

  14. xterpogz

    NCLEX - best study materials?

    Saunders and NCLEX 4000 helped me a lot. Good luck
  15. xterpogz

    where does one begin?

    Saunders is highly recommended by most of the takers. Lacharity is also recommended. But focus first on your program. Good luck.
  16. xterpogz

    NCLEX-RN on 05/17

    GOOd luck you can do it! Pray always.