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I didn't see a July 09 support group thread up, so I thought I'd get it started.

I'm taking the NCLEX-RN July 3rd for the first (and hopefully only) time. I figured I'd get it done before the holiday weekend so I could at least enjoy some of the time off instead of spending the holiday chained to textbooks...as I've done for the last two years.

Good luck to all of us in July!

Just found out that i passed!!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:

For those of you that are wondering, I took mine on the 21st and it posted this morning on the CA BON! So it took 3 days....This is so crazy...Im so happy!! It took 3 times, but whatever none of that matters now bc I am an RN!! YEAH!! Good luck to everyone out there!! You can do it too!!!

Hello to all,

Since I have been going on this thread after registering for the NCLEX to check on everyone experiences (at least 4 times a week lol) I decided to give my before and after take!!!! Today was the day for me I arrived a half an hr before testing time as it is instructed. I felt really calm but yet nervous at the same time. However, I said prayers before durng and after the exam to keep me going!!! I was not prepare for what NCLEX ask ed me today......the topics were so random and off the wall it was so unreal!!!! afterwards i kept asking myself where were all the valuable information i learned in nursing school at??? why was it not on the exam??? to make a long story short my computer kept spitting out a few of the same questions out at me just reworded differently and different choices of course...which made me to believe i was doing horrible!!!! after an hr and 45 min my computer shut of at 75 questions......again i question where are the rest of my questions i still need to prove myself??? but as we all know computers do not talk back and they are allowed to shut off a 75 q....so here i am now waiting......the only reason my anxiety has gone down a lil is because i tried the Pearson Vue trick and the pop up came up after asking me my info again....so i never seen the credit card screen....However, I will be fully happy when I have recieved my quick results and keep you all posted.....good luck to those who testing date is approachiing fast....just prepare urself and understand that unfortunatly you dont have control over what is being asked just take a deep breath and focus as much as possible......until the next time.....oh and great job for those who taken it and passed......

I test on July 30th. After months of studying, I feel like I don't know anything. I took Kaplan and my cumalative qbank score is 55% but on my last 6 sets i got in the 60s to 72%. Has anyone gotten kaplan scores like this and passed? i'm getting more and more nervous by the day. any last minute tips or studying ideas? any words of wisdom are appreciated! thanks in advance!

I didn't take the Kaplan course, but do know others who have, and I believe their scores were similar. I think that is the average range for the qbanks. I test on Monday the 27th, so I will let you know any tips (if I pass:icon_roll...haha) I havne't been studying a ton..just doing questions. I guess at this point I either know the information or I don't.

Thats how I feel there's only so much you could study, I've been doing numerous questions and I hope that helps! Good Luck to you!


I PASSED!! The Pearson vue trick worked for me too and actually helped alleviate some of my anxiety for the LONG 48hrs that I had to wait to get my quick results. Good luck to all of you still needing to take it. When you go in there to take your test just picture yourself sitting down in your living room about to take some more questions as usual. This helped me relax a little bit. You all can do it!!! YAY!! I'm finally an RN!!!!!:redbeathe:nurse::redbeathe

I am going down that road on Friday. Last day of the month. July, I love you. Keep me in your prayers and let's hope I can come here and dance too.

Also, how soon will the Pearson vue trick work for me since I will be on a Friday????

I am going down that road on Friday. Last day of the month. July, I love you. Keep me in your prayers and let's hope I can come here and dance too.

Also, how soon will the Pearson vue trick work for me since I will be on a Friday????

the pearson vue trick will work as soon as it says "delivery succesful" on your screen. Once you come home, you can log into pearsonvue and check to see if it says delivery succesful or not, and once it says that you can try the trick...and good luck!! :)


I am taking my NCLEX next Friday too in FLA @ 8am! Goodluck to you. I honestly dont know if I could try the pearsonvue trick after I take the exam. I would def. be too nervous.:eek:

Guyz I wanna know What are the pearson vue tricks???

Pearson vue trick is try to reschedule for NCLEX again right after your test. If it says you should contact your board, you are good to go and you passed. Now, I am doing Kaplan and I am not doing very well on it, but I am hopeful

SW222.. I am in FL too. :redbeathe

Good luck to all of you! I took a couple of Kaplan tests and scored right in the 70's on them. I also did Saunders questions, ATI questions, and 3500 CD questions. Needless to say I was doing lots and lots of questions.:nuke: Another book that REALLY helped me was the Prioritization, Delegation, & Assignment book by Linda LaCharity. This book by far really gets you thinking like the NCLEX. I highly recommend it!! Again Good luck to all of you future nurses!! :anpom:

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