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i've had it. i am so sick of the b.s. i'm getting out of nursing. i cannot take care of anybody because of all the stupid, petty, asinine b.s. rules and "customer service" pap.....i've had it! i'm going to start my own business, in the meantime, it's wal-mart here i come to pay the bills.

***if you see me at wal-mart, greeting people with a big smile, stop and say hi, shezam! lol***

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Very sorry to hear that. Best wishes in whatever you do.


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Sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with nursing. I hope that you have a chance to cool off before making any long term decisions.

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Wow,, must of been a rough day. Sorry to hear you feel that way, but i understand some days.

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I understand too, Shezam.

I have always enjoyed your posts. I wish you happiness, satisfaction and contentment in whatever you do.


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:) Wal-mart-that's a great idea! I don't live far from a Wal-mart myself. Sounds like a good job. Best of luck to you.

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Hey - we can work there together! Some days I feel that is where I belong too!

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:rotfl: actually what i really want to do is start my own business.

there comes a time when you get tired of working for people who are dumb as stumps..............lol. :rolleyes:


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I know what you mean. I just resigned from my 12th or so nursing job today. My tolerance for incompetence, disorganization, foolishness, and inefficiency is limited (as some on this BB have no doubt already noticed). I'll look harder in the non-nursing world this time instead of just finding yet another nurse job.

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i hear you.

i'm wondering what a nursing degree could translate into...what with all the emphasis on "customer satisfaction", i feel like i already have a master's degree in public relations or hospitality....~hehe~


the wal-mart greeter has left the building.

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:rolleyes: Oh, they love hiring new grads. It's because new grads don't understand what is going on. They are so *grateful* to get a job (naturally), that they don't understand what is actually happening.

I've been a nurse for awhile now, and it doesn't take me very long at all to recognize disaster.

This latest foray into insanity involved my being a "Nursing Supervisor" in a LTC facility owned by....well let's just say, a corporation which has recently sustained a $HUGE$ fine for neglecting patients and such.

I thought, "Allright, at last I'm getting into management and can make a difference."


This facility has just recently DONE AWAY WITH ALL THE MED TECHS, and the nurses had to do all the PO meds, in addition to their regular workload.

I guess the corporation figured the $$$ would come out of the med techs salary...just eradicate the position of med tech and save $$$, and let the nurses do it.

I found out it was going to be MY job to stay on the nurses and make sure they got their "job" done, etc.

I don't hardly think so. I never got with the program, I informed everybody within earshot that nurses needed MED TECHS - HELLO - and that burdening down the nurses with more work wasn't going to improve care.


Just give it to the nurses, it's their job anyway.....med techs are a luxury they can do without now....oh it was so plain.

LOL. So ended my little fantasy about *nursing management!* :rotfl:


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What business are you interested in starting?

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