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Just a question. Am trying to keep humour about situation. Does what I do in twelve hour day matter related to life and death and patient/family care????? or as nurse following me tonight made point to tell me.......I really upset her as I didn't always put my charts back in their exact proper place when I was done with my 12+ hr.'s.

:eek: :eek: MICRO

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Thanks to you all for your support. This BB is great. VAC, HI!!!!!


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I know a great place for those charts !!


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Gimme a freakin break!

I had a nurse b***h at me because my admmissions' kardex didn't have a diagnosis written on it yet. They had JUST arrived and another nurse had a code so I had just spent the last 35 minutes sweating doing compressions. I guess next time I'll tell the nurse in trouble "Sorry, I got paper work to finish" Why are we our own worst enemy? I don't get it......


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I'd tell her exactly where she could put those charts. As for the cardex queen...well you can guess what I'd tell her.

Hint...never fool with an old tired ER nurse after a 12 hour shift.:eek:

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Thanks for helping me to see the humour in the situation. Why nurses are like this...............

It takes all kinds!!!!!!!

I am working on my toughness button.

Thanks all. You are great!!!!!:D :D :D


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I especially can't stand the day nurse that I just gave report to calling me at about 1PM to tell me about something I did. If it's a question about something I did and you need to know to clarify, fine (maybe...depends). But don't call me just to tell me something FYI. Leave a note in my damn mailbox!

I've never called a day nurse at 1AM to tell her something FYI. Think she'd be mad?

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When I give report, I tell the oncoming nurse to call me w/??'s ANY TIME. I'd rather hear from her @ 0400 than one of the bosses any time of day or night!!

It'r very tempting to call one of those day bi**hes in the middle of the night, isn't it? :p

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Would love to call them at 1 a.m. or 1 p.m. when they are in their deepest sleep for a nonconsequential question. (such as why did you leave chart out on desk, did you give one or two regular strength tylenol at such and such):mad:

Oops, my dark side is showing. :p :p :( :eek: :) :) :)


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Ohhhh you really hit a nerve on my memories. Not meaning you do this...did you leave your charts out just a couple of times? This nurse that worked dayshift ahead of me ALWAYS left her charts out. I got sick of spending the first 20 minutes of my shift cleaning up after her. Sorry but I am not her mom. After this going on for 2 months I blew! I put all my "stuff" away before clocking out and sorry I expect this of grown men and women. Everyone has days they forget or have last minute emergencies..but with some it is everyday. Sorry but it is pet peeve of mine to have others who repeatedly (meaning the nurses I have worked with) leave their dishes , coke cans , coffee cups and left out charts for me or others to clean up. Believe me I am not the only one who feels this way but I prefer to say things directly to someone than talk about their laziness behind their back. Don't mean to offend anyone...just don't want to be seen as someones handmaiden.

Sounds like some nurses I work with!!!! I used to let people like this bother me. Now I just shake my head and walk away. Let them be upset.

The thing is, I'll bet when you follow her, the charts aren't "put away properly" either :)

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Hi, Kelly(and the boys), Oh you know it. I am the only one where I work that is not the perfect nurse and person. I just keep searching and can't seem to achieve that perfect status!!!!! Thanks for asking.

Micro:confused: :confused: :p


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These nitpickers need to get a grip and look at the bigger picture. I work at night, so I usually have a little downtime to review the charts and I find PLENTY of mistakes by the same people who nitpicked me when I was new. I don't have a problem 'cleaning up' because I understand that nursing is a 24 hour job and everyone has days where they cannot attend to every little detail because they have to focus on priorities. I have a problem cleaning up after people who have the attitude that they can do no wrong and are quick to point out the faults of others. As long as I'm venting I'll throw in that I can't stand it when nurses in my ICU gripe about other nurses nuisance alarms going off, but they ignore their own. :( :( :(

PS I love this website!!! you guys really understand!!:)

Hang in there micro.

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