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Registered Nurse for 14 years. I have a very diverse backround includind peds, critical care, peds icu, E.R.

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    OOps.... this was a reply to a topic of the same name. sorry
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    If I'm there, say with a foley insertion, I'll "offer to help". For instance, I'll say "oops, why don't I help set up the field.". Or, if in the case of the I.V. sticks I'll probably say something to the efect of " Want me to give it a shot? or " Let's see if So-and-so is available" " S/he can usually get I.V's when I'm having difficulty
  3. KellyandtheBoys

    Pregnant while an RN

    I was pregnant and working as an RN 4 times. I had no problems and all my children were healthy. Just be careful like you would anyway. With each of my pregnancies I stopped working at about 36 weeks or so. And, I found during later pregnancy my legs were really sore and I was tired by the end of the night. Best wishes!!!
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    Here's my understanding on malpractice insurance: The lawyers go for the "deep pockets". 1) Dr.'s who aren't employeed by the hospital, but, contracted to work in the hospital. Therefor they carry their own insurance. 2) th hospital which as a for profit organization will have some money. As en enployee OF the hospital you won't be independently sued. There just isn't enough gain. However, if you have your own malpractice insurance you can be sued independt of the hospital. Because you have the big insurance company behind you, you now have more "worth" financially. If you are independently named it will be primarily your (and your insurance company) responsibility to defend you. You may or may not get much assistance from the hospital lawyers. And I have heard of cases ( not sure weather it is true) where the hospital turns around and sues for their expences. If the insurance company defends you, you may still be liable for a certain amount of expences. And, there for loose the very things you are trying to protect. So, for these reasons I don't carry my own insurance.
  5. KellyandtheBoys

    Is This Nitpicking?????

    Sounds like some nurses I work with!!!! I used to let people like this bother me. Now I just shake my head and walk away. Let them be upset. The thing is, I'll bet when you follow her, the charts aren't "put away properly" either :)
  6. KellyandtheBoys

    60 years in prison!!!

    I agree with you. Why were all of these total need care patients left with only one person to assist them?While this lady made a tragic mistake she certainly doesn't deserve to spend time in prison. The oners of the health care facility should be severly punished if not shut out of health care forever.
  7. KellyandtheBoys

    What would you do?

    Is she actually CARING for children???? If so, call the DCFS or what ever the innitials are in your area. Whatever the innitials are the state and/or county where you live will have a service of this sort. I would suggest calling them and making your concersn LEGALLY known. Your name won't be reported. Maybe she is just blowing garbage about her past, presence, or circumstances. But calling may help or at the very least will help releive your wonders.
  8. KellyandtheBoys

    What Is This??

    If I needed help turning this patient I would look for the responsible CNA. If I found a bunch of patients woh didn't look like they've receive proper attention for a while I would find the proper CNA. The CNA is there to assist me. So, if I need her for patient care, I see no reason NOT to look for her and utalize her assistance.
  9. KellyandtheBoys

    Midnights vs Day shift

    I work 7p-7a now because we have young children. There is less time to pay for babysitters. And we do have some (not all) day shift nurses who don't appreciate the amount of work night does do. Dr.'s are cranky if you call them at 5a.m. with a K+ of 3.6. However, some of these nurses don't understand why all labs aren't called, all patients bathed, etc... by 7a.m. For some reason when things aren't done at 7p.m. it becomes "a 24 hr. business, just leave it for the next nurse to do". However, if things aren't done at 7a.m. this rule isn't in effect. (once again this applies with some nurses only). I just do the best I can and if patients are happy with their care (they usually are ) then I'm satisfied with the work I did.
  10. KellyandtheBoys

    Working With Felons

    I feel that if they have "overcome" their problems (drugs, for instance), they should be given a second chance. However, your co-worker was fired, not for being a felon, but for lying. The lying shows ( in the minkd of the employer ) someone with poor judgement. While I do believe she should be given a second chance I also believe she should have been honest about her past. I'm sorry your friend lost her job. I hope she finds a job she likes.
  11. KellyandtheBoys

    Do you care?

    It weems to me it might be a benefit to finish out the year. Your enthusiasm might rub off and people will start "caring". This may also give you a little picture of people trying to do their best against a difficult situation. For instance although it is not "correct" to crush an enteric coated aspirin what should this nurse have done? Was she just trying to make sure the patient gets the benefit of the drug? You might find you learn from these folks. At the same time your fresh enthusiasm might make them a little more enthusiastic again.
  12. KellyandtheBoys

    not sure if RN is right for me

    I think what might be difficult is going right for the MSN degree. I think that both B.A. and B.S. degrees are dificult to obtain. And I respect people who get either degree. But, they are very different. Like you had written without much of a science backround you are taking MASTERS level classes in science. That would be difficult even for those with the science backround. Furthermore, you are working full time. Don't be too hard on yourself. Since you want to become a nurse I would suggest starting with classes at your college or community college to get your career started. Then after completing some of these classes you will know #1 if nursing is for you. # 2 you will have more recent study in the sciences. Once you've been nursing for a while you can decide when to pursue your MSN Best Wishes:)
  13. KellyandtheBoys

    Nursing Wisdom Needed

    I would suggest talking to your sister about the pro's and con about her job. If you have a nurturing type of personality you would probably be good at nursing. There are many areas of nursing. Some, like the Trauma I.C.U. see plenty of gore.Some see little gore. As you go through school you do clinicals in different areas and will get a feel for what you like. And, as with your sister, if you are in one area you can always switch fields. One factor to consider is nursing generally isn't 9-5 on weekdays. Usually there are plenty of weekend and holiday shifts to work. This is a big drawback for somepeople. But high energy organized people are great for nursing. Nurses are on there feet quite a bit which doesn't seem to be a problem with you. And organization is always a big plus. Good Luck
  14. KellyandtheBoys

    What you se is not always what you get

    Great story! Thank You
  15. KellyandtheBoys

    Future of Nursing

    Some of the best nurses I know are A.D.N. trained . And even the old Diploma nurses that are still floating around have taught me a lot. I started out with an A.D.N. and went back for a bachelor's. I think it was pretty much a waste of time and money as I didn't learn any more about patient care. I think that there is already too great a demand for nurses. Adding more requirements to becoming a nurse will do nothing for the nursing shortage. Instead of requiring a B.S.N. it seems it would do morre good to require C.E.U.s for all nurses in a setting.
  16. KellyandtheBoys

    A question about insulin

    From what I understand, the answer would be no. The insulin drives the glucose (and potassium ) into the cell. And that is it for that molecule of insulin forever. I don't know what happens to it after that. I think it gets metabolized somehow. But, this is my great understanding of insulin.