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For the most part, I can understand that we all have busy shifts and there are times when we don't get things picked up and put away right. Having worked ICU for over 28 years, I am a firm believer in "ward order"--something about having to code pts. in the old days when there was barely room for the nurse between the beds. However, my work desk is usually a mess! I am frequently teased about being the "Rhythm Queen" because of all of the monitor strips I have on my desk-- I seem to catch just about any and all of the interesting rhythm strips my patients have (I work nights in CV-ICU).

But I've followed one nurse who manages to have EVERY flat surface in a room covered with "stuff" and the patient is a mess also! I spoke with this RN once when she'd had a pt. that had a road trip for an MRI and had returned to the room at 9:30PM. The pt. had 2 gowns on-- 1 on each arm and doubled over across her chest, 3 draw sheets and 2 warm ice packs tangled up under her and again every single flat surface in the room was full, dirty towel and all. I was upset: she had finished her paper work and left the mess for me (and hadn't bathed the pt.--the dirty towel was from supper being spilt on it!). It took me 2 hours to clean up the patient and the room before I could do my own work. And this nurse thought I was being picky!

Putting charts away in their "correct" place? As long as you aren't hiding them from the nurse following you, she probably shouldn't complain!

micro, RN

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jenny p, i certainly do hope to not be that kind of nurse that you describe. yiiiiikkkes!!!! you have a point and point to ponder. there is always different perspectives to everything!!!!! back to the old question???????

just want to live at peace with myself and others,

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