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  1. nur20

    Pick Up Lines!!

    The one that made me say "I Do","Some have the face, some have the body, but you've got both"."You are my dream woman".He nicknamed me "princess" and it's been on every since.
  2. nur20

    Funny Signs

    LOL LOL I agree with the mind part
  3. nur20

    Peadiatric or ER

    I work peds and just love it. It is very rewarding and satisfying. I love children and they seem to love me. The only other area closest to my heart was geriatrics
  4. nur20

    Pediatric urine for culture

    I would go with the cath urine for children
  5. I am a CPR instructor for ARC and they are incorporating AED training into CPR.The AED's will be located in public places such as airports
  6. nur20

    Computer viruses to watch for

  7. nur20

    Funny Signs

    Thanks, guys
  8. nur20

    Hmo Faq

  9. nur20

    Can anyone recommend the blood group diet

    Email me and i will give you the physician's name...800 number...and website address. This is one of her specialties and she is deep into it. I heard her on a radio talk show, she answers all emails and has a book on natural health, wellness and restoration
  10. nur20

    The true meaning of continuing education

    Glad to see how the votes are leaning, Any nurse worth her salt knows that learning never stops. This is a lifetime commitment or at least as long as you are in this field. Or for that matter any other field.Ceu's offered are usually something that you;ve already covered, or to satisfy renewal or whatever. Doesn't do much to increase your knowledge base.It is a duty to stay abreast of changes in your area, new technology, new meds etc, or just to heighten your skill or knowledge of somethng you didn;t grasp in school or experience.A nurses mind should be like a sponge
  11. nur20

    Scales for Peds home care

    I've never had to take a scale into the home. Table scales are usually supplied through the case manager, particularly if the client needs weighing frequently, otherwise they are weighed during doctor appointments
  12. nur20


    I'm a CPR instructor. Come on guys, lets try not to break any more ribs!!!!.I hope everyone has gotton certification for using the AED (automated external defibrillator) which will be located in lots of public places like airports. It is now incorporated into CPR training.
  13. nur20

    Celebrity Patients - Who would you want?

    DENZEL WASHINGTON !!!!!! OH, somebody help me !!!!!
  14. nur20

    Lethal injection nurse???

    Absolutely 100 % NO, NO, NO !!!!!! I am against the death penalty. Don't believe in taking what you can't give (OH, i forgot they are trying that too with cloning). I don't know how any nurse could do that in good conscious, however my husband says call him day, night, 24/7 365days a year and he will be there pushing any buttons ,injecting anything it takes to get the job done. Hmmmm maybe i'd better sleep with one eye open
  15. nur20

    Pediatric Home Health

    Yes, i agree. The basic would be universal precautions, and if there is a likelihood of spilling or splashing you should wear mask and gown.You have the potential for harboring the pathogen for months so it might not be a bad idea to get a culture.I worked with a 10 year old with MRSA and a TRACH, NEBS and a G-TUBE,in HH. There was quite a bit of cross contaimination going on. Had i been the only nurse on the case i would have stayed, but he had nurses around the clock 24/7, and i had my suspicions of lack of proper care.I would be restrictive with smaller siblings and teach good hand washing etc. In hospitals MRSA patients should only be placed in rooms with others with the same