Is FL new grad friendly?

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..... and if so, what area's hospitals?

I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated in April, passed my boards in Sept. and have had NO luck finding a job here. Everyone wants experience, and we have so many nursing schools in the area that it's near impossible to find a job as a new grad.

I've been told to check the FL market out. I'm willing to relocate and I've been trying to do some research.

Any advice is helpful. Thanks :)

Sorry but it seems that all the nursing ads in my area of Florida want experienced nurses. I haven't seen any ads that say "New Grads welcome.":crying2:

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I'm in the Tampa Bay area, haven't seen any listings for new grad RNs in a long time.

I'm from Columbus, OH and I'm relocating to Naples, FL next month. I took a Seasonal (6 month) position on a Med/Surg floor. I only have 2 months of experience doing home health. I would recommend looking into it, the pay is really good compared to Ohio and they are paying for most of my rent. If you want more info send me a message. Before I decided to relocate, I probably applied for 300 hospital jobs all over Ohio, and not even a call.

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i guess it depends...i moved here and got a great job within a week :) it depends on YOU and where you're going!

hi! i would love more information if you wouldn't mind! :) i'm not sure how to send private messages on here, i looked but didn't see anything!

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I will have to agree with roma4204 it all depends on you.

There was 2 of us, from Florida, that took our clinical exam for Excelsior together. We both graduated in May, applied to the BON in July, and took the NCLEX in August, we were both hired within two weeks of passing the NCLEX, she hired on at a small hospital in North Florida for ER and I hired at a hospital 35 miles from the house in Psych.

A few things you may want to look for in your job search is, the number of nursing schools in the area, the more schools the less jobs open, supply and demand. Look for jobs that does not require experience, or Nurse1 positions. Get some extras such as ACLS, PALS or even TNCC if you are considering ER. Be flexible!!!!

During my hospital orientation, there were 4 RNs 3 of us were new grads and one had 1 year experience, and she was PRN. 1 went to Neuro, 1 to Stepdown and I want to Psych, so yes they hire new grads.

Before I was hired I submitted 5-6 applications, one hospital in Orlando rejected my application, but two weeks later I got a rejection/recruitment email from them for the Tampa/St Pete area???????

Try looking at Career Builder and this link, it has most of the hospitals and clinics in Florida listed and you can access the facilities web site for jobs.

Good luck on your search


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they horrible with new one wants to hire without least thats the norm, being hired as a new grad right away is more like the exception to the rule...good luck, and dont get discouraged, i am a newbie myself and got hired less than three weeks ago by a home health agency

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sorry i didn't see you replied until now! what do you need to know!? i'd be happy to answer any questions

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i'm not sure about all areas but I got hired on in the pensacola area. i graduated in may passed boards in august through alabama, and received my license by endorsement with FL in september. 2 weeks later I had a job! i worked with a wonderful nurse recruiter who helped me a lot.

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It really depends on the area you appllied to. I have classmates that moved to the golf coast for jobs. I have classmates that applied right in time for grad programs like versant and I know some who knew someone and got an interview etc. It does depend on you but it also depends on the area you are applying and who you know as well. I got a job not knowing anyone but my resume was presented in a way the Hr recruiter, Nurse Managers nor Unit Director had seen before. I researched the hospital so I knew what I was talking about during my interview, I looked, spoke and acted the part...but all this was after I got an interview...I applied for the position Aug 4th and didn't get a call until Sep 23rd or so...But in South FLA most hospitals are allergic to new grads. I know new grads that have gotten jobs in Miami, none in Broward and some in WPB. I'm moving for my job bc I'll be on nights...a 1hr drive on the I-95 at 730am after 12hrs of work is not safe at all...Make sure you atleast have any interview lined up before moving unless you got it like that..if so, Welcome to Miami. LoL :yeah:

I have been applying to pretty much all of these success..some are lucky than others.

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