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  1. stevefl

    Psych nursing abroad? Tips?

    Have you considered working for the US military as a civilian? I know the Army has a website for civilian medical employment, good pay and benefits if you are working overseas,AK and HI.Just a thought. The Army website is medcell.army.gov or just google medcell.
  2. stevefl

    Zyprexa and Ativan IM Compatibility - (Haldol Allergy)

    The two should never be given IM at the same time just as the previous post stated. At the facility I am currently at, we have a full time Doc on board and he will order Zyprexa Zydis 10mg and Ativan 2mg PO and if an IM is needed his go to is Haldol 10mg, Ativan 2mg and Benadryl 50mg. He claims that the Zydis works faster because there are less binders in the tab so even if it's swallowed it's fast. As far as drawing Ativan when giving Haldol and Ativan, I draw the Haldol first, inject the Haldol into the Ativan, then draw both into one syringe. Pharmacy told me that as long as it was given within 15 minutes there wouldn't be a problem.
  3. stevefl

    Excelsior College

    eNLC Implementation | NCSBN
  4. stevefl

    Excelsior College

    As of July 2010 Florida started allowing Excelsior College grads to license by examination (NCLEX). As of Jan 2018 Florida will become part of the eNLC allowing nurses licensed in Florida to practice nursing in 25 other states with just your FL multi state license,just as any other compact state. Good luck to you
  5. stevefl

    Psych nurses all have a mental illness

    I like to 'tip toe' around the DMS5 every now and the, just not enough to need meds.
  6. stevefl

    Is 2 years Psych Experience enough to Travel?

    Hey learning247, I've been traveling about 4 years now, I'm an ADN with out my BC and started with about 2 years or so experience. There are a lot of travel positions currently available, many of them pay very well. Being a good travel psych nurse mostly depends on the nurse, how well they can handle an intervention or avoid one, how well they treat the patients and what tips and tricks the nurse can offer the facility to aid in improving daily operations. Over time mostly depends on the facility its self, in KCMO no over time at all no holidays. Here in Tallahassee when I first started no over time, now they are allowing due to the need for nurses, other facilities that offer all the over time you want, you really don't want to spend any more time there then you have to. For a little more information, there is a Facebook group 'psych travel nurses' you can request to join, there they post current openings and pay, you may also ask guidance from other travelers. Good luck to you. Steve
  7. stevefl

    What travel company places in Anchorage, AK?

    I Think I saw a Alaska Travel Nurse group on Facebook if that helps any.
  8. stevefl

    Mens Scrubs

    I see this is an older thread but I may as well post my scrub preferences. On my current contract my work uniform is Wrangler hiking shorts and a scrub shirt, the kind with plenty of pockets. Except this winter when it was -5 out and snow on the ground, jeans worked fine. When I'm in a real hospital setting I like Cherokee Work wear, which my wife modifies and adds belt loops, and the shirt with the side pockets. I have found the Cherokee Lux pants are comfortable, have a fly and plenty of room. Dickies pants have a fly and lots of pockets, but less room, the have a shirt I'm not sure what series they are but they have the side pockets. Carhart scrub pants I didn't like at all, no room at all for the boys, I really believe they are unisex scrubs with a fly. I had one pair that I wore to work, made it half way through the night and had to change into my 'just in case scrubs' and gave them away. So as far as I'm concerned Cherokee or Dickies mens pants with a fly, and for shirts Cherokee or Dickies with side pockets. I carry a walkie and lots of keys at work and with the side pockets everything doesn't fall out when you bend over. Happy nursing guys Steve
  9. stevefl

    Specialty Poll for male nurses

    I'm a Psych Nurse most of the time, but depending on the facility I'm at I can be a Mental Health Nurse or a Behavioral Health Nurse. Right now I'm on a kids unit and between the kids and the techs I feel more like a babysitter, maybe my next contract I'll get to work with grown-ups, passing meds and ETOs instead of crayons and coloring sheets.:-)
  10. stevefl

    Excelsior Exams

    I have read that there are people posting that they are using only Study Group 101, there is one thing you have to think about, EC is preparing you to be able to pass the NCLEX as with all nursing schools. So are you gaining enough knowledge to do so with these guides, they may be less expensive then books, but your nurses degree will be useless without passing the NCLEX. As far as testing about every two weeks, I would study about 3-4 hours a day, many times reading more then the recommended material in the study guide. I started with my first test A&P April 09 and passed my CPNE April 10 and graduated May 10. I did drag my feet on one or two tests, such as Ethics but just kept going. At one point I was in a hurry for Humanities and English Comp, so I CLEPed Humanities for 6 credits and UXCEL English Comp for 3 credits all with in 2 weeks. Right now I'm working as a travel Psych nurse in Staunton VA, and am currently licensed in Florida, Virginia and Texas. I may be a hard program but very doable. Steve
  11. stevefl

    Excelsior Exams

    When I was taking my exams, I down loaded the study guide, went to the 'book store' and copy and pasted the ISBN of the recommended books on a word doc. Then I would go to half.com and search for my books. You can always find book there a few editions back and will have the same material. You don't always have to buy all of the books they recommend, use your own discretion on that. Study the material, back that up with Study Guide 101, and take the practice exams, then review the areas where you feel you may be weak and then plan on testing. Using this method I was testing about every 2 weeks. Good luck to you and your wife Steve
  12. stevefl

    Any Florida grads

    I'm in Orlando and I started with EC Feb 09 and finished my CPNE Mar 10, that was including most of my prerequisites. I waited until Jul 10 to apply for NCLEX because of the change in state laws, passed the NCLEX Aug 10 and was employed Sept 10. Now working as a travel psych nurse. Good luck to you
  13. stevefl

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    To late to yell DUCK?
  14. stevefl

    Dallas- Ebola

    I just got a call from a recruiter asking if I was interested in an ER job in San Antonio. I am a Psych Nurse. I told her I had no ER experience, but I would consider a Psych/ER position, she then said it was ok since I had TNCC. What are these people thinking????
  15. stevefl

    Excelsior in Florida?

    I have been a Florida RN since 2010, I had to wait until July 2010 to apply because that was when the law that allowed EC grads to license by examination rather then endorsement became effective. Renewed twice no problems. Good luck Steve