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  1. Carrie_MTC

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Notorious Went to school with a "Money", who robbed a McDonalds. The worst is when I'm in triage, and butcher the names when calling them out, and the parents look at me like I'm the stupid one.
  2. Carrie_MTC

    ? about the ONA

    I'm writing a paper on the benefits of becoming an ONA member. I was wondering if anyone here knows, can anyone become a member or is it limited to nurses?
  3. Carrie_MTC

    Shift assessment... really?

    I always do a head to toe assessment, with auscultation. Total assessment takes about 5 min. I do notice there are some nurses who NEVER carry a stethoscope, kinda scary!!
  4. Carrie_MTC

    Naples, FL

    I've been in Naples for about a month now working as a traveling nurse at Physician's Regional. There is a lot of seasonal nurses down here, I think my hospital hired around 185. What hospital are you at? So far everything has been going good. There is a lot of money to be made down here, but the cost of living is high. Weather is wonderful. Let me know if you have any questions about the area and I can try to help. Still learning my way around!
  5. Carrie_MTC

    What is the least amount you would work for as a RN?

    That is very low. The lowest I would personally take would be $22.00/hr. A lot of home health agencies and LTC facilities are offering higher wages than hospitals. Plus, you probably wouldn't be learning any skills with this job, I would continue to look.
  6. Carrie_MTC

    Appropriate or no?

    I think a Thank You card is a nice gesture, I would wait until clinicals are over and give it to them privately.
  7. Carrie_MTC

    New grad being laid off :/

    I'm sorry that happened to you, but at least you did get some experience out of the situation. What part of Florida do you live in? A lot of hospitals in Florida are hiring seasonal nurses for 6 month contracts.
  8. Carrie_MTC

    What else is there left to do? (unemployed new grad)

    I'm also a new grad relocating 1300 miles for Med/Surg position. I signed a 6 month contract, so if I don't like it after 6 months I can go back home and hopefully get a job!
  9. Carrie_MTC

    Any jobs, anywhere?

    I would just apply for med/surg positions. Most areas like ICU, ER, OR, etc. wanted a minimum of 2 years experience. I only have 3 months home health experience and they called me the next day for an interview, didn't seem concerned that I didn't have much experience. They asked about my experiences in nursing school as well, and the types of floors and patients I cared for. It doesn't hurt to apply, remember the most they can say is no, but at least you are getting your name out there.
  10. Carrie_MTC

    How to deal with constant calls to come into work?!

    My work also does this on a daily basis, and I can understand your frustration. If I don't answer the phone, I usually don't answer my phone and get a nasty message. If I have a lot going on, I will let them know, I'm not looking to pick up any additional hours this week. I think it's a budget thing, at least for the company I work for. We are definitely short staffed but they don't want to spend the money to hire an additional nurse. You just have to suck it up and learn to say no, no matter how bad they try to guilt-trip you into picking up more hours.
  11. Carrie_MTC

    Just accepted, many questions/need advice..

    first off congrats on getting accepted into the nursing school of your choice! I really wouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about the job market right now, it's hard to predict where it's going to be in 2 years from now. It never hurts to make good connections though. If you have a clinical facility your really enjoy, talk to the nurse recruiter or nurse manager and let them know when you graduate and how much you enjoyed your clinical experience with them. Let them know when you graduate you are interested in obtaining a position with them. It never hurts to make yourself known and make some good contacts!
  12. Carrie_MTC

    new RN - income questions

    Naples, but you have to consider the cost of living there is considerably higher. Probably equals to be about the same I'm making here in Ohio.
  13. Carrie_MTC

    Nurses Under 30 Years Old

    I think the phrase "nurses eat their young" is accurate for a lot of new nurses (not just nurses 40, for health reasons or family reasons. I'm just making the point that its just as easy to generalize older generations as it is the younger ones, so why all the focus on nurses
  14. Carrie_MTC

    Nurses Under 30 Years Old

    I'm 24 years old, and find this thread very offensive. Yes, there are
  15. Carrie_MTC

    Chaos and stupidity

    I'm also a new grad, and find myself feeling that way a lot. I'm embarrassed to ask questions because I'm afraid I'll sound stupid, etc. Find a nurse who you feel comfortable with and doesn't mind helping out a new grad. I would rather ask a stupid question, than make a mistake.